294 crore fine for not wearing mask in one and half year, 41.60 lakh people fined


  • In a year and a half, the police collected a fine of Rs 294 crore from 41.60 people for not wearing masks
  • Mask Drive will resume with the entry of Omicron, the new variant of Covid-19
  • Even after seeing two waves of Corona epidemic, people are not cultivating the habit of wearing masks

Ashish Chauhan, Ahmedabad: Even after witnessing two horrific waves of Kovid-19, Gujaratis continue to ignore the rule of masks, as evidenced by the penalty figures levied on those caught on the road without masks.

According to Gujarat Police, between June 24, 2020 and December 2, 2021, the police collected a fine of Rs 294 crore from 41.60 lakh people for not wearing masks.

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This means that during the Corona period, violators regularly paid a fine of about Rs 56 lakh. The amount is half of the money invested in building a state-of-the-art Covid hospital and four flyovers in the city.

If an oxygen plan with a capacity of 2,000 liters per minute is set up at a cost of Rs 13 crore, at least 22 such plants can be built.

According to the information, Gujarati police recovered Rs 247 crore from 36.80 lakh people violating the rules between June 24, 2020 and June 23, 2021. In the five months from June to November, the state police had levied a fine of Rs 47 crore for violating the mask rule.

“As the new variant of the Covid-19 Omicron enters the state, we will intensify the mask drive,” a police official said.

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“We have punished 41.60 lakh people for not wearing masks in a year and a half,” a senior police official told the Times of India. He had paid a fine of Rs 294 crore. That means we regularly fined about 8,000 people. “

“Instead of paying a fine of Rs 1,000 to the police for not wearing a mask, people should understand that the mask rule is only for their safety. So, they can at least buy a neat mask with this money. ‘

Another police official said that despite seeing two terrible waves in the state, people have not developed the habit of wearing masks. People like helmets wear masks when they see the police and later remove or lower them, the police official said.


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