Why will CCTV footage of board exam center be verified? What will be done if suspicious cases are found!

Why will CCTV footage of board exam center be verified?  What will be done if suspicious cases are found!
Ahmedabad: Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Class 10 and 12 exams are currently going on in the state of Gujarat. It is verified that there is no wrongdoing anywhere. Also, during the examination, CCTVs are also installed in each classroom, the footage CDs of which are prepared. Any footage recorded during this time is sent to 3 centers in the cities. However, after verifying all these footages, every suspicious case will be isolated.

Most classrooms will be tested
Students are constantly appearing for the board exams. Along with all the parents living in the city and rural areas, the students are preparing for the exam and going to give it. 3 centers have been created for this. According to the received details, 2009 of class 10, 1193 of class 12 general stream and 482 of science will be verified.

However, in the meantime, different verification centers like city and rural have been planned. The CCTV footage of the classrooms of the students who have appeared in the rural areas will be verified from 2 centres.

Students are caught carrying mobile phones
A student of class 12 in Ahmedabad has been caught with a mobile phone. During the statistics exam, he entered the classroom with a mobile phone. However, the student was nabbed within seconds during intensive checking. A case of examination malpractice was filed against him and proceedings were started.

Number of copy cases also came up
According to the details, copying cases have been reported in class 10 and 12 science. It is worth mentioning that most of the students appeared in the mathematics paper of class 10. On the other hand, 41,566 students appeared for the history paper in the general stream. If we look at the statistics so far, a total of 4 cases were reported in Patan, 2 in Junagadh and 1 in Ahmedabad rural.

What action will be taken if caught stealing in the exam
On the other hand, 123508 students appeared for Chemistry paper in Science. So in Science, there was a stir when a total of 2 copy cases were registered, 1 in Surat and 1 in Vadodara. However, now after verifying the CCTV footage, the suspicious cases will be noted in detail. Action will also be taken against the responsible people. In that case, if any such suspicious cases are registered, legal action will be taken keeping in mind the issue of malpractice in the examination including copy cases.

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