What is the fuss in Manekchowk’s food and drink market? Why did the police remove the table-chair?

What is the fuss in Manekchowk’s food and drink market?  Why did the police remove the table-chair?
In Manek Chowk, which is the hallmark of Ahmedabad’s night life, nowadays foodies are forced to sit and eat on the road. Manek Chowk, bustling with gold and silver shops during the day, starts the food and drink market at nightfall. For the last 65 years, people have been coming here to enjoy delicious food as soon as the night falls. But for the last few days, the police have ordered people who have been doing business here for years not to put tables and chairs on the road. Because of this, traders involved in food and beverage business in Manekchowk are spreading tarpaulin on the road and attracting customers.

The police gave a verbal instruction and removed the table and chair

With the sudden disappearance of tables and chairs from Manekchowk’s food market, many customers are finding it very uncomfortable to sit down and eat. On the other hand, traders are also complaining that business has been affected due to it. According to Mahaveer Soni, who has been selling vegetables in Manekchowk for years, the police have verbally ordered him not to place tables and chairs on the road. If sources are to be believed, a license was first taken in 1960 to run food and beverage business in Manekchowk. There are 42 different food stalls, out of which 30 are operating without a license. However, the police argued that the license did not give any permission to place tables and chairs on the road.

Locals complain that there is no space to walk on the road

DCP Sushilkumar Agarwal of this area told Ahmedabad Mirror that the locals and shopkeepers have made many complaints of putting pressure on the road with food and drink stalls. There is also a complaint of people that there is so much traffic here at night that even an ambulance cannot come out in an emergency. Foodies set up their stalls before the gold and silver merchants of Manekchowk close their shops. So, until there is no solution in this matter, it cannot be allowed to place table-chairs on the road.

In between traders?

On the other hand, according to the report of Navgujarat Times, it was the traders of Manekchowk who used to call the control room due to disputes over the placement of tables and chairs. Due to which the police had to come here often, to resolve the dispute, they asked to keep the space open by drawing a strip on the road in such a way that there is space in between in Manekchowk. However, some traders complain that even though tables and chairs are placed outside the belt, the police keep coming here and harassing the traders. However, people who come from far and wide to eat at Manekchok have to bear the brunt of all this chaos. Many people are unable to sit down and have to go back without eating.

There have been fights in Manekchowk before

The food market of Manekchowk, which has been running for years, has often clashed before. A long time ago, due to a dispute over the space, all the traders here removed the table and chairs. This matter was also debated for some time, but later the situation calmed down after a settlement was reached. The Manekchowk market continues late into the night, and people from the far reaches of Ahmedabad come here for a special meal. Many of Manekchowk’s old and well-known food stalls have kept their flavor intact over the years, and it’s hard to find the same variety as here. While dining in the crowded Manekchowk is a different experience, it remains to be seen when the taste buds will be freed from the discomfort of sitting down.

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