UP Police again came to Ahmedabad with Atique Ahmed from Naini Central Jail

UP Police again came to Ahmedabad with Atique Ahmed from Naini Central Jail
  • Surat: In Jolwa rape-murder case, one is hanged while the other is sentenced to life imprisonment till the last breath.

Ahmedabad: A convoy of UP police vehicles has left for Ahmedabad carrying mafia Atiq Ahmed. He did not stay in Naini Jail, he sat in a jail van after the verdict. The police left at around 8.30 pm on Tuesday to take him to Sabarmati Jail. Notably, the MPMLA court sentenced Atiq to life imprisonment in the Umesh Pal kidnapping case.

After waiting for 4 hours in the van, Atiq left for Sabarmati
Initially, there was some doubt whether Atiq should be kept in Naini Jail or not, but on the basis of the production warrant he was brought, the Superintendent of Sabarmati Jail wrote to the MPMLA Court in Prayagraj that Atiq Ahmed should be brought back to Sabarmati Jail after completion of court proceedings. Based on which preparations were made to take Atiq Ahmed back to Sabarmati Jail. After the court’s decision, he did not go to Naini Jail and sat outside in a van. His health was also deteriorating. After waiting for about 4 hours, the van left for Sabarmati around 8.30 pm.

24 constables, 5 drivers…
The team that took Atiq Ahmed to Sabarmati Jail consisted of 24 constables. There are 5 drivers altogether. These shifts will alternate. Apart from this there is one SHO and two SIs. There are two prisoner vans in the caravan, one is a dummy and one has Atiq sitting in it. According to media reports, all COs on the road have been instructed to be ready for any medical emergency as Atik’s BP is high. Atiq’s family also has a car in the fleet. It also features Atik’s lawyer and some women.

The person who brought a garland of shoes for Atik
Former MP and Baahubali Atiq Ahmed was produced in the court. There was a gathering of media persons along with police and lawyers in the campus. During the hearing inside, a man brought a shoelace and started talking to Atiq Ahmed about wearing it. He said these are the family shoes of Umesh Pal and Raju Pal. Regarding the case, a lawyer named Varun Dev Pal reached out of the Prayagraj MP-MLA court with a garland of shoes.

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