UGVCL pylon erected in the middle of the road in Sanand causes accident

UGVCL pylon erected in the middle of the road in Sanand causes accident
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Sanand: Although many new residential and commercial projects have been taking shape in Sanand, which is on the edge of Ahmedabad, for the last few years, the newly developing areas are still in a state of mind in the name of basic amenities. On the one hand, there are no street lights in some areas, and the electricity pylons put up by the UGVCL in the middle of the road stand as a veritable menace to motorists at night. One such electric pole in front of Shubham Apartments in the city caused a freak accident on the night of May 19, in which a car driver luckily escaped but the car was badly damaged due to the accident.

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There are no street lights, even the road was resurfaced five years ago

According to the details received, there is no street light system on the road leading to Demart from Shubham-1 society behind Somnath bus stand in Sanand. Not only this, electricity pylons have been installed by UGVCL in the middle of the road here. The people of the society have approached the UGVCL several times in the past, but no action has been taken in the last seven years to remove this pillar in the middle of the road as if the officials of the UGVCL are in deep sleep waiting for a major accident to happen.

The people of the society in their petition to the UGVCL also expressed their fear of accidents due to the electricity pylons, which the Chthanya system did not pay heed to. Not only this, the representations made by the society to the municipality for installing street lights in the area have yielded zero results so far. Locals also say that the road in this area has been resurfaced for five years now.

Reflectors are also not installed on the pillar erected in the middle of the road, due to which motorists cannot see the pillar in the dark of night.

Society’s complaint, officials do not pay attention

Shubham-1 Chairman Bharat Singh Jhala while talking to IamGujarat said that the place where the accident happened on Friday night has already happened before. UGVCL electricity pylons have been placed in the middle of three places on this road, written representations have been made several times so far to remove them, but every six-eight months the officer is changed, and the new officer keeps postponing the work of siding the pylons on the pretext of caste. .

Until now, due to the bad condition of the road, the speed of the vehicles was low, if they hit a pillar, there was no serious accident, but due to the construction of a new road a few days ago, the speed of the vehicles is high, due to which this pillar has become a fatal accident situation. has been created. Not only this, even though several representations have been made in the municipality to install street lights on this road, no attention has been paid to it so far.

The system has not even bothered to install reflectors on the pillars

According to the locals, on the one hand, there is no street light on the road in this area, on the other hand, there is sewage on one side. On the narrow road in Tewa, UGVCL has put a pillar in the middle causing a serious accident. As there is no reflector or night vision system on the electricity poles installed here, any motorist is likely to hit them. Also, since the construction works are also going on in this area, heavy vehicles are moving on the road, so if a truck hits a pillar, it is not even possible to imagine what the situation will be if a live electric wire falls down.

Day. Engineer said, by next week, the pillars will be taken to the side

In this matter, MR. Deputy Engineer of Sanand-1 Division of UGVCL. When IamGujarat spoke to Parmar, he said that after he took charge, once a representation was received to remove electricity pylons from the area, which has been acted upon and a survey has also been conducted and the work of removing the pylons will be started by next week. IamGujarat tried to contact the chief officer of the Sanand municipality regarding the complaints of the locals about the lack of street lights in the area for years, but he did not answer the phone.

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