The issue of making parents’ signatures compulsory in court marriages echoed in the assembly, seeking to change the law

The issue of making parents’ signatures compulsory in court marriages echoed in the assembly, seeking to change the law
Gandhinagar: The cases of boys and girls running away from home and getting married are increasing. Then the demand to make the signature of parents mandatory in court marriages has been rising for a long time. The Patidar community of North Gujarat has also demanded the signature of parents in court marriages in the past. Not only that, two years ago, former Congress MLA Chandanji Thakor wrote a letter to the then Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and wanted to make a law for parental consent in court marriages. Now, on Thursday, this issue was echoed in the Gujarat Assembly as well. In addition to making the signature of the parents mandatory in court marriages, there was a demand in the assembly to make a law to register the marriage only in the village where the daughter belongs. Thus, the issue seems to be gaining momentum.

BJP MLA from Kalol of Panchmahal, Fateh Singh Chauhan, while informing the reporters outside the Assembly, said, ‘The crime ratio also goes up due to marriages taking place without the permission of parents. If this work is done with the permission of parents, then it (crime) will decrease by 50 percent.’ He said, ‘The court marriages which are not registered in that area, are registered in other districts. That is, the boys and girls who hide their documents and go to other places to register their marriage. That is why our government had a request, and our government will be positive. The MLA said that such existing laws should be changed and amended.

Chauhan said, ‘A lawyer, a doctor, a builder, a leader, a businessman, an officer – such a society which is involved in business 24 hours, they cannot take care of their sons and daughters. Unsocial elements lure them into such marriages. Due to which later in some places parents have to commit suicide, go to court and get hurt. Such big incidents have happened in my area.’

Congress MLA Ganiben Thakor also supported the BJP MLA and said that there can be no problem if a daughter of any community does a love marriage, but many MLAs demanded that such a marriage should be registered in the village where the daughter belongs to, regardless of her religious affiliation. The ceremony should be performed in the village temple and the pancha should also be kept as a witness. Ganiban said that, those who are involved in crime, those who do not do business-employment, those who do not give any daughter, such anti-social elements are fooling the daughters and making love marriages with them and then it is the turn of the daughters to repent. We have made this demand to avoid this situation from arising.

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