The Ahmedabad cloth merchant who sent goods worth crores to a Jodhpur woman felt remorse

The Ahmedabad cloth merchant who sent goods worth crores to a Jodhpur woman felt remorse
Ahmedabad: A complaint has been registered in Chandkheda police station that a cloth merchant of Ahmedabad has been defrauded of crores of rupees. A total of 4 people including a woman along with a cloth merchant living at Motera in the city have defrauded 3.67 crores. When the businessman demanded money, the woman threatened to implicate him in a false rape case, and the businessman finally sought the help of the police. Based on the complaint, the Chandkheda police have registered a crime under various sections against the four accused and taken legal action.

4 people including a woman cheated 3.67 crores
According to the police complaint, Rahul Choudhary deals in cloth in New Cloth Market. Ranmal Bothra, who lives in Rahul’s hometown, brought Rahul in touch with Moti Oswal and Ayush Jain, who were dealing in cloth. Later these three promised that if you trade cloth with us, we will give you money on time. Coming to their talks, Rahul agreed to trade in cloth.

The accused said that the businessman wanted money – do whatever you have to do, you will not get the money
After some time, the trio told Rahul Chaudhary that as Meena Jain, the owner of Prachi Textiles at Jodhpur, needs textile goods, you should send the goods to her, you will get a payment timer. So Rahul sent goods worth 3.67 crores piece by piece to Meena Jain and gave checks to Meena Jain in return. After learning that the payment was stopped while depositing the cheque, Rahul called the four and talked about the money and said that no money will be received. He threatened to do whatever.

The woman threatened to be implicated in a false rape case
Not only this, Meena Jain threatened to implicate Rahul Chaudhary in the case by making a false complaint of rape. Then Rahul realized that all four have conspired with him. Currently, it is known that the police investigation is going on in the whole matter.

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