If you do these small mistakes during passport application, it will delay in getting it, what things to be careful about?

If you do these small mistakes during passport application, it will delay in getting it, what things to be careful about?
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Passport is required to go abroad. Whether they want to go abroad or not, people keep their passports. The passport service is now very good and after application the passport arrives at your home quickly. But be careful while filling the passport application form otherwise the passport may be delayed. An internal inquiry was recently conducted by the Regional Passport Office to find out why people are getting delayed in getting their passports. In which it was revealed that due to insufficient or wrong information and documents, about 15 percent of the applications are put on hold. So there is delay in reaching the passport to the applicant. That is why true and accurate information should be given while filling the passport application, sources of the Regional Passport Office say.

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Lack of enthusiasm in filling the form

3500 to 3600 applications are processed daily in the Regional Passport Office. Currently the average waiting period for a passport is 30 days. Speaking to a local newspaper Ahmedabad, Regional Passport Officer Ren Mishra said, “Investigation to find out the reason behind delay in passports revealed that people are not diligent in filling the forms. Along with errors in filling the details of the form, mistakes are also made in the documents to be submitted with it. As a result approx. A total of 15 per cent applications are delayed.”

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How do people make mistakes?

Applicants are required to write their name, parents name, spouse name, address and date of birth. Many people make the mistake of providing family details as per government records or old passports. Also, another problem is that people are not giving their name, address and date of birth as per the three government documents. It is because of all such small mistakes that people’s applications are put on hold and later their passports arrive late.

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If there is awareness, the situation can be improved

Regional Passport Officer Ran Mishra believes that if awareness is spread to avoid these common mistakes, the waiting period for passports and the pile up of pending applications can be stopped. Another challenge is the rescheduling of passport applications. The applicant can reschedule the passport application thrice at his convenience. People take advantage of this facility. An audit revealed that many applicants abuse this facility, causing people who really need passports to wait. “If people refrain from doing all this, the number of applications for scrutiny can decrease and we can deliver passports to more and more people on time.”

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