Human trafficking racket busted, girl repeatedly raped; Marriages were conducted with 2 men in a year

Human trafficking racket busted, girl repeatedly raped;  Marriages were conducted with 2 men in a year
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Ahmedabad: Cases related to abduction and sale of minor girls from the state of Gujarat are on the rise. An investigation into the human trafficking racket has revealed a shocking case. In which a 13-year-old girl was sold to around 15 people during the last 8 years. During this time he was married to 15 people and the age of those who married him was approximately between 30 to 45 years. Investigation into this trafficking racket revealed that the girl was sold for Rs 2 lakh to 2.5 lakh. It is also estimated that not one but more than 8 such girls have been trapped in this racket.

Human trafficking racket busted in Gujarat
Police said during investigation that a 13-year-old girl (Nisha-name changed) was sold as a wife to 15 men in Gujarat itself in 8 years in a human trafficking racket. Not only this, information is being received that people from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan are involved in this racket. Of which Ashok Patel was the mastermind, he kidnapped more than 15 girls from the state of Gujarat with the help of the 13-year-old girl. Then sold them.

Kanabha’s discovery of the teenage girl exposed
On May 11, the police found a missing teenage girl from Kanbha village in Ahmedabad. Meanwhile, he told the entire incident to the police. 13-year-old Nishana information was also found in it. Now the police are investigating the first victim of this racket. Because there was an inhumane act with the sign. Not only this, she has also witnessed the kidnapping of many girls from the surrounding areas. So that if the sign is investigated by the police, then other victims can be saved.

Girl married to 2 men per year, often raped
Police traced the missing girl from Kanbha village of Ahmedabad district on May 11. Meanwhile, this racket of human trafficking was exposed. When the police rescued the girl, the names of the main accused running the human trafficking racket came to light. The name of Ashok Patel, his wife Renuka and his son Roopal Mekwan came up in it. All three are residents of Odhav.

The police nabbed people working in the racket
Action was taken to expose the human trafficking racket and other gang members of mastermind Ashok Patel were arrested. Police have arrested Moti Senma, Amartji Thakor, Chehar Singh Solanki. On investigation, the police found that this is a human trafficking racket that has spread widely in Gujarat. Still, in the initial stage of operations, the information has been revealed as follows. So, going forward, the police are sure that many big revelations can be made.

By abducting a girl, doing an act against nature
Ashok Patel kidnapped Nisha from Ahmedabad. Thereafter, the members of this gang crossed all limits to involve him in this human trafficking racket. As per the details received, Nisha (victim’s name has been changed) was nabbed for helping in this human trafficking racket. However, Ashok Patel, the master mind of this racket, forced physical relations with her as she refused. Not only that, he was tortured and committed an act against nature many times.

Getting married to 2 men in a year
According to the details, twice a year this girl was married to people aged 30 to 45 years. This has been happening to him since about 2015. After that, with the help of a sign, they used to abduct other girls from the surrounding area as well. The police have now started a search for the girl whom Ashok sold in Mumbai for a huge amount of rupees. Ashok’s links with human trafficking gangs in Rajasthan and Maharashtra have also come to light.

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