AHMEDABAD: A man named Dinesh Ahir shot dead his wife’s lover after being informed of an immoral relationship

AHMEDABAD: A man named Dinesh Ahir shot dead his wife’s lover after being informed of an immoral relationship
It is about Pravin Prajapati living in Ahmedabad and Dinesh Ahir living in Surat. Pravin Prajapati lives in Sai Haven Flats in Nikol, Ahmedabad and runs a diamond trading business. Pravin had a love marriage with a girl from Savarkundla 15 years ago. After marriage, Pravin was working as a diamond cutter when he came in contact with a diamond cutter, Dinesh Ahir. A good friendship was formed between the two as they made a living by grinding diamonds. And after some time both of them had a brotherly relationship. Pravin also got Dinesh a house in Khodiyar Apartment in Nikol.

A home-like relationship was formed between the two friends living in Nicole, both friends visiting each other’s houses. Meanwhile, Pravin Prajapati contacted Dinesh’s wife Disha (name changed)happened with Disha and Praveen became friends during this time. During Pravin’s frequent visits to his friend Dinesh’s house, Disha and Pravin met each other and fell in love. Both started talking on mobile. However, Pravina’s wife Pravina (name changed)He got the information that there is a love affair between her husband Pravin and Dinesh’s wife Disha. After getting information about this matter, Praveena contacted Dinesh directly. Dinesh was shocked to learn about the love affair between his wife and his friend and broke off his friendship with Pravin. After a year, Dinesh was going to live in Surat with his family and was telling Pravin to break the friendship with my wife.

He came from Surat to take revenge after 6 years

It had been 6 years since Dinesh left Ahmedabad and went to Surat. Then on the night of March 17, Pravin Prajapati was standing near Galla with his friends, when he was suddenly fired upon. Pravin fell down after being shot in the back. It was none other than his one-time brotherly friend Dinesh Ahir who fired at Praveen. Dinesh fired at Praveen from a distance of four feet. Dinesh wanted to shoot Pravin in the head, however, his aim was not accurate and Pravin was shot in the back.

Police arrested Dinesh Ahir

After the incident of firing, the police started investigating the shooter and arrested Dinesh Ahir based on the complaint of Pravin Prajapati. During the police interrogation, Dinesh said that he had been stalking Pravin for the last seven years due to his husband’s infidelity. He bought a revolver from Ahmedabad itself to fire at Praveen.

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