Young farmer chose agriculture instead of government job, earns better through organic farming

country’s youth agriculture It is being adopted as a better option of employment. It is becoming a better means of employment for the youth. Young farmers are doing new experiments in farming and are also earning good income. One such farmer from Kochi is KT Sabhakesan, who does organic farming in his 25 acres of land. He grows 20 different types of vegetables in his farm. Customers come to his farm and take fresh vegetables.

According to The New Indian Express, KT Subhakeshan told that he did not do a government job because of his love for farming and has set an example for organic farming farmers. Complain about getting low price. He told that he had passed the selection exam of KSEB 39 years ago, but he chose agriculture instead of government job.

Do farming in 25 acres

It is with hard work and perseverance that he has achieved this feat, a better harvest is the reward for him. He told that he started cultivating 20 different types of vegetables in 25 acres of leased land. Out of which 15 acres are in the premises of Steel Industries Limited, Kerala (Silk). Also said that when the land was taken on lease three years ago, it looked like a forest. But he cleared the land with hard work and made it cultivable. His efforts did not go in vain.

Cultivate these vegetables

Former minister Thomas Isaac also helped Subhakesan to get some land on lease. He cultivates Gourd, Bitter gourd, Pumpkin, Gourd, Cow Pea (Achinga), Cucumber, Tomato, Okra, Spinach, Brinjal, Pumpkin and Chilli. He told that I had cultivated large onions, carrots, cabbage, garlic and cauliflower as an experiment. We also have fruits like Shamam, Watermelon, Sweet Tomato and Butternut. Cow dung and feces of chickens are used as manure.

Irrigation with drip irrigation system

He has five permanent employees in his farm. Agriculture is labor intensive and we need more workers when we prepare the farm. Drip irrigation system has been installed for irrigation which has helped in reducing labor and cost. In this work he spent about 7 lakh rupees. Subhakesan has regular customers who visit the farm and get fresh vegetables straight from the garden. He has set up an outlet outside the Silk Complex for the sale of vegetables.

daughter won child farmer award

Subhakesan said that the government had provided subsidy for drip irrigation. For this work his wife Latika and daughter Shruthiya help. Shruthalia, a Class VI student, won the Bal Kisan Award last year. He tells that farming is very beneficial for him and he is very happy with the earning from it. Subhakesan has regular customers who visit the farm and get fresh vegetables straight from the garden.

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