Women of Chhindwara gave new identity to Chironji of Patalkot, processing increased earnings

Women of the tribal dominated Tamia block of Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh Processing of Chironji Empowering yourself through Tamiya’s famous forest produce Chironji has also been given a new identity by the name of Patalkot Chironji. Today these women are making good profit by packaging and selling Chironji from Chironji Processing Unit. After the successful operation of Chironji Processing Unit in Tamia, now women of Sonpur village of Amarwada block are also becoming self-sufficient by getting financial benefits through it by joining Rural Livelihood Mission.

Chironji is an expensive dry fruit, which is used more in making sweets. It is very beneficial for health. At present, if we talk about Patalkot Chironji, it is being supplied on order to the local market of the district as well as in Bhopal and Gujarat. Women are also selling Chironji online through the Jeevika portal.

How the income of tribal farmers increased

The Madhya Pradesh government told that the women of the earlier group used to collect chironji kernels from the forests and their fields and sell them to middlemen at a low price. They made less profit from this, but the middlemen used to earn double the profit. When there was a discussion about this in Gram Panchayat Kumdi and Sita Aajeevika Gram Sangathan of Village Dongra, it was decided by the organization to set up Chironji Processing Unit. After collecting the kernels of chironji and processing it and packing it in the name of Patalkot chironji, sale was started in the market.

how much profit

The women of three women self-help groups associated with Sita Aajeevika Gram Sangathan Dongra told that there are 32 members in their group. Chironji Processing Unit was established by the group at a cost of Rs 2 lakh 9 thousand 119. The unit purchased 8 quintals of 41 kg 900 grams of kernels at a cost of one lakh 68 thousand 200 rupees.

The women said that one lakh 28 thousand 700 rupees have been spent in the processing of 541 kg kernels. Out of which one lakh 94 thousand 400 rupees have been collected by selling 162 kg chironji so far. A profit of 65 thousand 700 rupees has been received from the same sale. The group currently has 300 kg kernels left over for processing.

Trying to make Patalkot Chironji a brand

This innovation being done by the women of the group is being appreciated. Women are also giving credit for this success to the cooperation of the administration and the Rural Livelihood Mission. Along with this, she is also motivating other women to become self-reliant by joining the group. Due to good profits, there has been a change in the economic and social status of women. The work of chironji processing is going on and efforts are being made to increase it day by day. So that Patalkot Chironji can be recognized as a brand in the whole country.

Ministers praised

In August this year, Union Rural Development Minister Giriraj Singh and State Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel, who visited Chhindwara district, also visited Dongra village of Tamia, a Scheduled Tribe-dominated development block, and inspected the Chironji Processing Unit and appreciated this work. Both the leaders encouraged the women of self-help groups by discussing them.

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