Women can give a new look to dairy business by forming Farmer Producer Organization

The Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare is working to make agriculture a profitable deal. In this episode, Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) is being promoted within the country. These FPOs can prove to be very beneficial for farming and rural women. For example, rural and agricultural women can give a new look to the dairy (milk product) business by making an FPO. this idea GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology On the occasion of the training program organized on the topic of women empowerment funded by the National Commission for Women in Pantnagar, the experts gave.

On this occasion, the Dean of the College of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Science, Pantnagar University, Dr. NS Jadon said that women can give a new look to the dairy business by forming FPOs. Women can increase their income by using milk products like Shrikhand Paneer, Lassi, Chhena etc.

Dairy products prepared with local grains are in high demand

Dr. NS Jadon, Dean of the College of Animal Husbandry Science, said that the demand for home-made dairy products is high at the local level, which can be availed by more and more women. He said that if the products are prepared using local grains, then there will be more availability of iron and other nutrients along with protein.

In the training session, women were given practical training in making quality ice cream, shrikhand from milk, making paneer, chenna rasgulla, gulab jamun, kulfi, thick curd and other milk products, separating cream from milk, fat testing etc. Along with this, the scientists trained women on the methods of making silage at the local level, giving information about the management, processing, use of urea-molasses mineral block, manufacturing of complete food block, nutritious fodder crops.

Target to make 10 thousand FPO

The Central Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department is working on the target of creating 10 thousand FPOs in the country. For this, the scheme has been launched from February this year. In fact, Indian agriculture is dominated by small and marginal farmers, whose average holding size is less than 1.1 hectares. More than 86% of the total land holdings are provided to small and marginal farmers in production and post production scenarios such as access to production technology, quality equipment at reasonable prices, seed production, units of farm machinery, value added products, processing, credit , both investment and most importantly the market is facing tremendous challenges. Keeping this in mind, the Central Government FPO is being promoted.

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