Will farmers now be able to get the right price of onion, know the answer of the government procurement agency

These days farmers in Maharashtra are facing a big crisis regarding the price of onions. Onion prices have been falling continuously for a few months. The situation is that it has become difficult for the farmers to get even their rent. In some mandis of the state, the price of onion is Rs 100 per quintal. Apart from this, this year Nafed is also supplying onions to farmers at very low prices. (Onion) is buying. Onion producer unions have been strongly opposed to this. Onion Growers Association President Bharat Dighole TV9 Digital Talking to TOI said that this year onion producing farmers are facing double losses. First, the low production due to the effect of climate change and then the falling prices of onions, after which the office-bearers of the Onion Producers Association directly reached the office of NAFED.

Where Bharat Dighole, the founder president of Maharashtra Onion Growers Association, made a demand to Shailendra Kumar, manager of Nafed, to buy onions at the rate of Rs 30 per kg in all onion producing districts of the state. Dighole told that on behalf of Nafed, he was told that farmers will have to talk to the Agriculture Minister of Maharashtra in this whole matter, after which now the farmers will meet Agriculture Minister Dada Bhuse.

What is the role of NAFED

NAFED aims to procure 250,000 tonnes of onions from across the country this year. Out of this, NAFED wants to buy onions in large quantities from Maharashtra. Maharashtra State Onion Growers Association is opposing the purchase of onions by Nafed, as Nafed is buying from farmers only at the rate of Rs 8 to Rs 9. Bharat Dighole says that purchases are being made at a very low price as compared to last year.

Apart from this, onions are being bought from every district at different prices. Due to this, farmers are being harmed only. Farmers say that the production cost of onion is more than Rs 15. In such a situation, if the price of onion will be so low, then how will the farmers be able to survive. Farmers are demanding that the rate of onion should be Rs 30 per kg.

How much is the rate in the mandis

At present, onion is making farmers cry in Maharashtra, while 40 percent of the country’s onion is produced in Maharashtra. Still, farmers are not getting the right rate of onion. In Aurangabad district, onion is being sold at the rate of Rs 100 per quintal, while in Yawal Mandi, it is getting the price of Rs 150 per quintal. Because of this farmers are in trouble. While some farmers are insisting on storing onions, but not all farmers have storage facilities, so they are forced to sell onions at low prices.