When will Punjab-Haryana and UP improve… the cases of stubble burning increased in spite of crores of rupees

Despite spending crores of rupees to stop the incidents of stubble burning, it is not showing any effect. The central government is getting its satellite monitoring done. According to this, if we talk about from 15 September to 4 October, the incidents have increased in the three major paddy producing states of Punjab, Haryana and UP. The question is then why crores of rupees of public tax are being wasted. in both Punjab and UP stubble burning incidents Most recorded. When will farmers understand for this?

According to a central government report, 690 cases of stubble burning have been reported from September 15 to October 5 in Punjab, Haryana, UP, Delhi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. In Punjab last year i.e. in 2021, during the same period, there were incidents of stubble burning at 278 places. Whereas in this year i.e. 2022 so far 545 cases have come. Here Amritsar has the highest number of 390 cases. After this 80 cases have been recorded in Tarn Taran.

What is the condition of Haryana and UP?

According to the satellite report, 24 cases were reported in Haryana from 15 September to 5 October 2021. Whereas in the same period this year i.e. in 2022, the incidents of stubble burning have doubled to 48. Whereas in UP, 80 cases have been recorded instead of 51. Early harvesting of paddy is taking place in Punjab and Haryana. Whereas in UP, harvesting has not accelerated yet.

Kurukshetra and Karnal have the highest number of cases in Haryana. On the other hand, the case of Delhi is shocking. So far this year there have been 2 cases. Whereas last year there was not a single case in this period. Last year there was only 1 case in Rajasthan whereas this year 8 cases have come. Cases have decreased in Madhya Pradesh.

How much money was given this year?

The central government is spending a lot of money to reduce the incidents of stubble burning. This money is being given to the states. How are the officials spending it now that the cases are increasing instead of decreasing… that is the biggest question.

During the current year also, Rs 240 crore has been given to Punjab to bring down the incidents of stubble burning. Similarly, Haryana has got Rs 191.53 crore. Uttar Pradesh has got Rs 154.29 and Indian Council of Agricultural Research has got Rs 14.18 crore. But, looking at the satellite report, it seems that the situation is less likely to improve this year as well.

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