What should FPO do for small farmers? Agriculture Minister taught the lesson

Haryana’s Agriculture Minister JP Dalal has said that the state government will help small farmers (small farmers).Farmers) is also trying to get good profit of their produce. No matter what value-addition is done for him in his produce. But, the input cost of the farmer should also be low. We are trying that Farmer Producer Organization (FPO)FPO) Work in this direction that the small farmers get maximum benefits. If FPOs move in this direction and small farmers get benefit then it will be considered that such FPO is working with success. He said that in the coming time, audit and pre-audit would also be conducted to evaluate the benefits of such small farmers.

Dalal was presiding over a review meeting with Cluster Based Business Organizations (CBBOs) and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) in Chandigarh on Wednesday. Additional Chief Secretary of Agriculture Department Sumita Mishra was also present in this meeting. He said that efforts are on to provide maximum benefits to small and marginal farmers through farmer producer organizations.

More responsibility of progressive farmers

The Agriculture Minister said that the members of the FPO should think for the progress of the farmers. Work on making a roadmap for this. Progressive farmers are a role model for other farmers and the responsibility of the members of the FPO is the highest among them all. He said that the present government is implementing various schemes keeping in view the upliftment and interests of the farmers. Keeping this in mind, the government is trying to give maximum benefits to small and marginal farmers through farmer producer organizations.

What did FPO members say?

Dalal told the representatives of CBBO and FPO that the farmer’s income should increase through FPO. Farmers get benefits. For this the cost expenditure should be reduced. Farmers’ income should be increased through processing. Apart from this, farmers should also benefit from marketing through FPOs.

Small farmers will be successful through FPO

Sumita Mishra, Additional Chief Secretary, Agriculture Department said that the present government wants that the FPO should become a movement for the agriculture sector. Farmers think and emerge like an agri entrepreneur. Come forward to reap the benefits of your produce. He said that the farmer is not in business but the small farmer has to be successful through FPO. In this direction, in the coming time, a workshop will also be organized for the FPOs that have been established so that they can be provided information about the management.

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