What is the government doing to stop the dangerous disease spread in animals of many districts of western Rajasthan?

Dangerous for animals these days in many districts of Rajasthan lumpy skin disease is spread. This infectious disease is spreading in cows in Jalore, Barmer, Sirohi, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Nagaur and Bikaner districts of western Rajasthan. To overcome this, first one lakh rupees have been released to each affected district to buy emergency essential medicines and 50-50 thousand rupees have been released to poly clinics. State Animal Husbandry Minister Lalchand Kataria reviewed the efforts made for its prevention.

Kataria took stock of the situation after interacting with the collectors of the affected districts and directed to take effective steps for the treatment and prevention of the disease. Kataria said that he has given instructions to ensure the availability of necessary medicines for the prevention and treatment of this disease. Along with this, instructions have also been given to allocate additional budget according to the need for buying medicines in emergency situations.

Central team will come to take stock of the situation

The Animal Husbandry Minister said that in the affected districts where there is a shortage of veterinary personnel, then send medical teams from the neighboring districts less affected by the disease. Apart from this, from the directorate level, the nodal officers of the district should visit the affected areas to monitor and do effective work. Kataria directed to set up control rooms in the affected districts as well as at the Jaipur headquarters to monitor the disease spreading among animals. He said that on Monday, a central expert team will visit the affected areas and take stock of the situation.

Where is the disease most affected

Government Secretary PC Kishan told that the outbreak of this disease is more in the animals of Jodhpur division, although the death rate is not high in it. One to one and a half percent of the sick animals are dying, which are very weak and have low immunity. He said that there will be no shortage of medicine for its prevention. Additional funds will be given to the districts where funds are needed.

Kishan said that state medical teams and teams from neighboring districts will be sent to the more affected districts. Nodal officers will be sent from the state level for effective monitoring of the measures being taken to prevent the disease. He said that the collectors of the affected districts have been instructed to make efforts for the prevention of the disease by holding meetings with the veterinarians.

Lumpy skin disease symptoms and prevention

Symptomatic treatment is being done by veterinarians to prevent lumpy skin disease. Along with this, to save healthy animals from disease, animal owners have been advised to tie the infected animal completely separately, if symptoms like fever and lump etc. Lumps start forming on the body of animals suffering from this disease. The lumps get bigger and a wound is formed. Due to which the animals get fever and they stop giving milk.

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