Weather hit on Konkan’s famous Bahadoli Jamun, there was a huge reduction in production… farmers in crisis

This year nature has not only hit the mango orchards, but the production of jamun has also decreased. In many areas of Maharashtra, orchards have suffered the most due to unseasonal rains. After that the berries due to rising temperature (Blackberry) production declined. Jamun comes in the market every year during the monsoon season. But this year, due to climate change in Konkan, the production has declined by up to 80 percent. Not only has there been a decline in production, but the livelihood of people in some villages in the Dahanu region has been threatened. Because the Konkan Bahadoli Jamun grown here (Konkan Bahadoli JamunThe price of ) reaches up to Rs 1000/kg. But this year, despite the demand, the farmers suffered huge losses due to low production of Jamun. Now the farmers cultivating it are demanding compensation from the government.

The demand for Bahadoli Jamun of Dahanu region in Konkan comes from all over the country. Jamun of this variety is famous for its taste and quality. The maximum cultivation of Jamun is done in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. The people of Mumbai wait for the jamuns here. Its arrival starts from the second week of April. Farmers get a record price at the beginning of the season. Due to the steep fall in production this year, this jamun has not yet reached the markets of Mumbai.

livelihood crisis for farmers

Most of the farmers in the suburbs of Bahadoli, Dhukatan and Khamloli in Konkan depend on the cultivation of Jamun. They cultivate it on a large scale. The livelihood of about 400 farmers of this region depends on this fruit. An income of 40 to 50 thousand rupees is fixed from each Jamun tree. But this year the production has been affected due to unseasonal rains. Only 20% production has been done. Due to this farmers are in loss of lakhs. They are saying that if the government does not give compensation, then there will be a crisis on their livelihood.

Jamun Festival canceled

About 15,000 rupees have been claimed to be spent on the cultivation of one tree of Jamun. But this year, farmers have suffered loss of lakhs due to non-production. Apart from this, neither the farmers are getting the benefit of crop insurance nor the government is giving compensation on its behalf. Therefore the Jamun Festival to be held here has been cancelled. Farmers used to celebrate this festival with great pomp. He is disappointed as production is affected this year.

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