Weak monsoon, cloud of crisis on agriculture sector, may have negative impact on economy

Agricultural experts say that poor monsoon is the reason for India’s agriculture (Agriculture) can cause a crisis for the economy based. Even today, 69 percent of the total crops sown in the country is irrigated by rain water. Monsoon (Monsoon) receives 70 percent rainfall in the country.Monsoon) occurs in the same. Not only this, half of the country’s population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. So a bad monsoon in the country will mean poor production. This will have a direct impact on the economy. This increases inflation. On the other hand, in the Rabi crop, the farmers had to face the devastation of bad weather. Wheat production decreased in the country due to heatwave-like conditions, due to which the export of wheat (Wheat Export) had to be stopped.

At the same time, once again, due to poor monsoon, there can be serious consequences in terms of food security of the country. weather department (IMD) has predicted good rains, but due to its slowdown in the beginning of June, sowing of major crops like paddy has been affected. India Meteorological Department (IMD) Director General Mrityunjay Mohapatra said that the rainfall deficit across the country has come down from 43 per cent on June 11 to 18 per cent on June 17.

Northwest India will receive good rain after 23rd June

He said that normal rainfall activity would continue over peninsular India, eastern and central parts of the country and northeast. Also said that after June 23, there will be an increase in rainfall in North-West India. Mohapatra said that monsoon never leads to uniform distribution of rainfall. If we look at the spatial distribution, there will be less rainfall in some areas and more rainfall in some places. He said that La Nina conditions, which are considered good for monsoon, will continue till the end of the season. Skymet Weather President (Meteorology) GP Sharma said that it looks like the monsoon has entered the third week.

Monsoon likely to pick up soon

As far as the agriculture sector is concerned, the country has received less rainfall. But that’s going to change soon. A cyclonic circulation will form over West Bengal, North Odisha and parts of adjoining Bangladesh in three to four days, which will change the wind pattern over the Indo-Gangetic plains, a meteorologist said on Friday. He said that the cyclonic circulation will initiate normal easterly flow which is important for further advance of Monsoon into northwest India.

Central India still waiting for good monsoon

The central parts of the country including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand are the main Monsoon regions, where Monsoon is weak at present. He further said that farmers in Punjab and Haryana are not dependent on monsoon. They have their own resources and irrigation network. While central India eagerly waits for the monsoon rains. The delay in monsoon has posed a major threat to Maharashtra, as it is a large state stretching from the Konkan coast to Vidarbha and has varied weather conditions. But the situation is getting better. The gloomy phase, at least for the month of June, is over. Now rainfed area is expected to perform well.

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