Watermelon prices continue to fall, now farmers are also suffering losses due to cultivation of seasonal crops

The main crop of Kharif-Rabi was affected by the vagaries of nature, but due to the good climate and abundant water supply, the farmers planted watermelon. (watermelon) And have started planting seasonal crops like melons. Farmers were also getting good profit from this. But now as soon as the festival of Ramadan is over, the rate of watermelon has started fluctuating. Now the traders have stopped buying watermelon as if it were. so some farmers (Farmer) He himself has started selling watermelons on the streets. Watermelon, which was Rs 14 to Rs 17 per kg at the beginning of the season, is now being sold at the rate of Rs 3-5 per kg. Earlier, the farmers had to suffer due to Corona for the last two years.

Watermelon demand in Maharashtra has also come from other states. This fruit is also sent on a large scale from Akola district to Mumbai and other cities. Due to the rising heat this year, there was a lot of demand for watermelon, so the prices of watermelon remained the same throughout the season and farmers were also getting profits. This year watermelon has been grown by farmers in every district of the state. As a result, traders in the state are no longer buying so much watermelon, as watermelon is available locally. Due to the month of Ramadan, there was a demand for other fruits including watermelon, but now the picture has changed. Farmers say that even after the rising heat, there is no sign of an increase in the rate. In such a situation, watermelon growers are in trouble.

Traders also turned their backs

Seeing the quality of watermelon at the beginning of the season, traders were buying directly from the fields. But now the situation has changed. Production has increased and rates have halved. At the same time, farmers are not able to meet the cost of transportation due to increase in diesel prices. Farmers say that seeing the floats, it seems that the prices of agricultural inputs will touch the sky only after a few days. The present situation is of plight of the farmers.

Watermelon arrival increased

Watermelon is preferred among seasonal crops, as it gives more production in less days. Watermelon was planted in more area this year to compensate for the huge loss caused to the farmers due to the closure of the market last year, but the arrival has become so much that even the traders are not daring to buy the watermelon. So farmers have to play the role of seller. Watermelon is being sold in the wholesale market for only 3 to 5 rupees per kg. As a result, farmers feel that not only the main crops but also the seasonal crops have suffered.