Under the startup, women made such a recipe which became an example, now earning bumper

Pickle Everyone likes food. Some like to eat mango pickle and some like lemon. Whereas, many people Garlic and Ginger The pickle is also eaten with great fervor. But if someone talks about eating pickled fish in front of you, you will be surprised to hear. But it’s true. In Chhattisgarh, women are making fish pickle on a large scale. The special thing is that those women are also earning well by selling pickles. This has also improved their economic condition.

In fact, the government of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel in Chhattisgarh is running various schemes to make women self-reliant. Many women have also benefited from this. At the same time, the talent of skilled women in rural areas has got wings. Now the women of the state are working in such areas and are thinking about such products which are not prevalent in the society, but from the point of view of the market, they have huge earning potential. The women of Vanbaghera’s Jai Budha Dev group have done one such innovation. These women have made fish pickle, which is being discussed in the entire state.

decided to pickle the fish

Sarita Mandavi told that the Panchayat officials told her that everyone makes pickles, do something new. Then the idea came in my mind that everyone makes mango and garlic pickle, why not prepare some new recipe. That’s why all of us together decided to make fish pickle. Sarita Mandavi says that the people of our area like to eat fish like this too. In such a situation, we made pickle of fish of Pankaj species and kept it in Gauthan Mela one day, which sold well. It was sold for 5 thousand rupees. Then felt that there is a big possibility in this. After this, its commercial production started.

The cost of one kg of fish pickle is Rs 50.

Sarita told that the price of one kg of fish pickle is Rs.50. He said that we were told in the training to make a different product, which we did. We got success. According to Sarita, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s government is promoting out-of-box ideas and management funds are now reaching groups in rural areas as well.

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