Ukraine’s life became a battle, Russian rocket-bombs spewing from farm to barn!

War broke out between Russia and Ukraine (Russia Ukraine War) marks are not easily erased even after the rust is over. How long will the future generations of Ukraine be bitten by the brunt of this war? At present, no one has the answer to this question between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, it has been learned that even the soil of Ukraine’s farms and barns has become toxic. In such a situation, imagine that the life of those who have escaped from the JD of this war by luck in Ukraine, will live under what kind of worse conditions? Because the soil of their fields has already been poisoned by landmine.

Russia and Ukraine The war that broke out between them is becoming a trap for Ukraine. This war has made life difficult for the common-Ukrainian. This war has spoiled and destroyed even the coming generations of a country. It is being talked about the bloody war that has become the cause of devastation, due to which till yesterday the fields and barns of a beautiful laughing country of the world – today bombs, shells, ammo and rockets have started spewing.

Talk about the unlucky land from which we used to grow paddy, wheat, fruits and vegetables till yesterday. Today in the soil of the same land is being found, the silent death of man, which is enough to make the unknown human beings suffocated in the clutches of premature death forever, forever, as an excuse or cause of death .

After the devastation of Russia and Ukraine, the talk of the scary scene coming out, which has ended the hopes of the coming generations of Ukraine to survive.

The question is not how many people in Ukraine have survived this war. The important question is that those who have survived by luck, how will they live their lives in the worst times to come? Because leave the talk of Ukraine’s ab-o-hawa. The huge ammunition rocket launchers were rained down by the Russian army like sky rain. Even the land of Ukraine has been poisoned. The inside truth is that today, even after nearly seven-eight months of fighting, Ukrainian farmers are able to keep their feet on whatever field they have. At the same time, they are getting the ammunition dropped from Russian fighter planes buried in the ground.

According to military defense experts, many of these blazing shells and rocket launchers are such that, even after being dropped from the sky, they did not explode. Meaning, being alive, they can burst at any time. And the unknown innocent Ukrainian farmers working in the fields can come under his JD, and spend their precious lives in the oven of this war. On the other hand, according to the doctors, this gunpowder present in the ground must have poisoned the soil as well. Meaning, whatever cultivation or crop will be grown in this soil for all the years to come, it will also be born poisonous.

Increased risk of disease in unborn babies

It is clear that in the war going on for seven-eight months (from February 24, 2022), Russia has given that poisonous canker to Ukraine, which, the coming generations of Ukraine will also be born from the mother’s womb i.e. from birth. . Whoever uses the food produced in these poisonous soil fields, he will be vulnerable to all the serious diseases. The scary situation is that some rockets fired by the Russian army buried in the soil are visible, and somewhere the roofs of animal feed safe places have disappeared from the attack of bombs, that is, they are seen naked.

Especially the condition of farms and barns in the eastern part of Ukraine is bad. Due to this war, the work of agriculture has come to a complete halt here. The deep cracks in the agricultural lands due to the lack of water testify that, even after the war between Ukraine and Russia is over, there will be no guarantee that the land of Ukraine and its farmers will survive for the rest of their lives. Can cut better. These are the same areas where the Russian Air Force had fired mortars, rockets and cluster bombs just a few months ago, like rain.

Concerns of farmers – How will you clean the parts of the bombs from the fields?

Ukraine The pain of most of the farmers of the state is that they had learned to harvest seeds and crops in the fields for generations. Now who will clean the gunpowder and ammunition, mortar lying in their fields here, for how long and how? Because the gunpowder has completely penetrated inside the ground. Caught in the web of war with Russia, this is the condition of the plight of the farms and barns of that Ukraine, whose agriculture is an important part of the economy of Ukraine.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, before the start of Ukraine’s war with Russia, agriculture accounted for about 20 percent of Ukraine’s gross national product and about 40 percent of export revenue. That is why Ukraine was considered an important source of grain among European countries.

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