Tulsi cultivation: Millions will be earned in just 90 days, its oil is sold at the price of Rs 2000 per liter

In Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh, farmers have been traditionally cultivating paddy, wheat and sugarcane. Some progressive farmers are also taking benefit from sugarcane crop. But a farmer of the district is earning a profit of lakhs from a completely different method of farming. Yes, you must have seen Tulsi in the courtyard of the house. Abhimanyu, resident of Neer village of Hardoi, in about 1 hectare basil cultivation Due to which they are getting more profits than traditional crops. If there is more farming then lakhs will be earned in 90 days.

Farmer Abhimanyu told that he had seen the Tulsi crop growing in the nearby district of Sitapur. At the same time, he took information in this regard from that farmer. After that he met Hardoi District Horticulture Officer Suresh Kumar. Find out how after cultivating basil crop, profit can be earned from it. Today they are getting profit of lakhs from its cultivation.

There is a good demand for basil oil

The farmer told that Tulsi can be cultivated in sandy loam land. Before doing this, there should be a proper arrangement to remove water from the field. Its best species is Ocimum basilicum. This species is grown for oil production. It is mostly used for perfumes and medicines. The demand for basil oil is great in the cosmetic industry. Tulsi crop sown in June-July reaches good condition by the time of winters.

use cow dung manure

While preparing the field, the land is cut by harrow cultivator up to about 20 cm. Dung manure is used to remove weeds etc. About 20 tonnes of cow dung manure is used in one hectare. Seeds or plants are planted at a distance of 10 cm in raised beds. The seed gets deposited in about 15 to 20 days. In the dry season, the field is irrigated after noon and if the rain continues properly then irrigation is not required.

how much is basil oil cost

To keep the Tulsi field clean and tidy, weeding should be done from time to time in about 3 to 4 weeks. After the basil plant is ready, oil is extracted from the basil plant and leaves by distillation method. More than 100 kg of oil is extracted in about 1 hectare.

The farmer told that last year the price of basil oil was up to 2000 per liter. The demand for basil oil had increased during the Corona period. He had also made a lot of profit in the cultivation of Tulsi. Tulsi crop is ready in about 90 days which gives unlimited profits. Because the price of basil oil is increasing continuously in the market.

Tulsi cultivation will improve the health of farmers

Hardoi District Horticulture Officer Suresh Kumar told that the medicinal farming being done apart from traditional farming is very beneficial for the farmers. From time to time, information regarding medicinal farming is being given to the farmers through Choupal. The farmers of Hardoi are reaping the benefits of which in large numbers. Such farmers are also honored by the government from time to time. Tulsi is a medicinal plant. In whose leaves extremely beneficial properties are hidden.

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