Tomato prices may increase further in the country, this is the reason

Tomato prices may again increase in the country, because due to rain in major producing states, its crop may be damaged and its arrival in the market may be reduced. Due to this, its price may increase. Due to this, you may have to loose your pocket more in buying tomato, an important ingredient of Indian cooking. Even before this, the prices of tomatoes had increased, although after that its prices also fell rapidly, because farmers wanted to sell it early due to rain.

Apart from local districts, tomatoes also come from outside states in the markets of Jharkhand. Generally, tomato cultivation in Jharkhand is very less during the rainy season. Apart from vegetables, farmers here cultivate paddy and corn more. In this season tomato comes from Bangalore, along with this tomato from Maharashtra is also supplied to the markets of Jharkhand. But most of the tomatoes come from Bangalore. Due to this, the prices of tomatoes remain high at this time.

Tomato is not getting from local farmers

Ravi Prasad Gupta, trader of Bedo vegetable market in Ranchi, says that at present tomatoes grown by local farmers are not coming to Bedo Mandi. Because tomatoes are over here now, in this season farmers prepare for paddy cultivation, in such a situation they are not able to pay much attention to tomatoes. He told that at present tomatoes are coming here from Bangalore itself. Referring to the price, he said that at present, tomatoes are being sold at the rate of Rs 500 per carat in Bedo Mandi, 25 kg tomatoes are kept in one carat. That is why it is being sold for thirty rupees per kg in the local market.

Rainfall in tomato producing states

Ravi Prasad said that the prices of tomatoes may increase further because at present it is raining in many states, due to which the farmers are trying to avoid losses by selling tomatoes as soon as possible, but as soon as the tomatoes run out in the fields, tomatoes once again Prices will start touching the sky. He told that at present 250-300 quintals of tomatoes are consumed every day in the capital Ranchi. In such a situation, if tomatoes do not come out from the local farmers, then the price is sure to increase.

Tomato prices will increase further

Significantly, tomatoes are grown in the country including Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Bihar, Karnataka, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and other states. Tomatoes are sent to other states, mainly from Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. In these states, farmers are already selling their tomatoes due to the spurt in rains, so the prices of tomatoes will increase in the coming days, but it will not be for long because again new tomatoes will start coming in the market from other states.

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