This woman farmer of Uttar Pradesh has grown sugar free papaya, now discussion is happening everywhere

A woman farmer of Uttar Pradesh is being discussed a lot these days. This lady farmer has grown a special type of sugar free papaya. With the help from the district administration, Radha Rani, a resident of Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh, has cultivated this papaya. Now she is earning well from this and the financial condition of the family has changed. With the help from the administration at the local level, her path has become easier and she has become a source of inspiration for all the farmers of the area. Today they are taking their success to new heights by forming a group. However, it was not easy for him to achieve success.

Radha Rani faced a lot of troubles during the time of Corona and continued to feed herself and her family only by cooking one meal at a time. Her husband works as a laborer. Radha Rani was looking for work to support her family, only then she was encouraged by the block officials to form a women’s group, on which she formed the Roshni Mahila Gram Sangathan Manav Self Help Group. He was helped by the Uttar Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission. With this help, he cultivated a special variety of papaya with the help of the district administration on his ancestral 2 bighas of land, from which he is expected to earn lakhs.

medicine is not sprayed

Giving information about this, Radha Rani told that she took the seeds of Sugar Free Taiwanese Red Lady Papaya (Papaya) from Pune, Maharashtra and also received training. After this he planted 1100 Red Lady Papaya saplings in his 2 bigha farm. These will be ready by the coming October-November and fruits will also start coming on them. This papaya is sugar free and is especially beneficial for heart and sugar patients and the elderly. There is no spraying of any kind of chemical medicines in it. Because of this it is safe and does not have any side effects.

Etawah District Officer Avnish Rai arrived to inspect the farming being run by the women’s group. There he inspected the red lady papaya crop planted by Radha Rani. During the inspection, he got information about the crop and also gave some guidelines. He said that the sugar free red lady papaya crop brought from Pune in Maharashtra is being prepared in two bighas by Radha Rani, the director of the women’s group. The trees are safe and in a few days fruits will also start coming on it. This will not only benefit Radha Rani, while the people of the area will also get to taste a new species of papaya crop.

1100 saplings planted in 2 bighas

Giving information, Radha Rani, who cultivates Red Lady Papaya, said that we had planted 1100 saplings in 2 bighas, in which 400 plants were destroyed by stray animals. Now my whole family and I take care of the crop. 700 plants have been fully grown in the field and in a few days they will start bearing fruits.

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