This CA of Bihar doing dairy farming in Noida, grows fodder for cows with hydroponic technology

agriculture (Agriculture) and there are innumerable possibilities in its related fields. To explore these possibilities, people from different professions try their luck in this and also achieve success with hard work and dedication. With the advent of new technology, in today’s time, youth are also getting attracted towards the fields related to agriculture. He is doing something different from the traditional ways and is becoming a source of inspiration for others. One such person is Narendra Kumar. Narendra, a Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession, hails from Bihar, but has been working in Dairy Farming (CA) in Noida for the last few years.Dairy Farming) are doing. They do not buy fodder for animals, but grow them with hydroponic technology. Narendra is also working on the promotion of indigenous cows.

CA Narendra Kumar is originally from Runi-Saidpur block of Sitamarhi district of Bihar and is also operating his company in Noida. Narendra Kumar, who is leading a successful professional life, was looking for pure desi ghee and milk during the Corona period, but he could not find the right product. In the meantime, he thought that why not do something of his own so that he does not have to wander for desi ghee and milk. With this thought, he made up his mind to keep a desi cow for himself. Soon the number of cows in his farm kept increasing. Today Narendra has many cows of Gir and Sahiwal breed.

Also working on promotion of cows

When production increased, they also started selling milk, ghee and curd. There is a demand for indigenous cow products from city to village and people also pay a good price for it. Narendra today supplies milk, curd and ghee to many parts of Noida-NCR. The number of indigenous cows has decreased in recent years. Cattle farmers are now rearing Jersey and other breeds of cows in the desire to get more milk. But Narendra wants cattle owners to turn to indigenous cows.

They say that the desi cow gives little milk, but it is full of quality. They are also doing enrichment work to increase the milk production capacity of indigenous cows without affecting the quality. Along with this, good Nandi of indigenous breed is also being prepared. Narendra says that his aim is to reach pure and indigenous cow’s milk and its products to the common man.

grow fodder with hydroponic technology

In this direction, he is going to launch such a platform, in which he will connect small farmers and cow farmers and give them the right price and facility. Narendra explains that the milk of desi cow is a bit expensive in big cities right now, but it is full of quality, due to which people are liking it very much.

Agricultural land is decreasing in Noida-NCR. For this reason, there are many occasions when there is a shortage of green fodder. Green fodder is very important for milch animals. For this there is no shortage of green fodder, Narendra is taking the help of modern technology. They are growing fodder for their cattle using hydroponic technology. In this they have to invest only once and they will be able to get fodder from it for many years.