There will be no shortage of water for farming, the government will make 15 thousand farm ponds

A major problem of farmers in Rajasthan is irrigation. There is a shortage of water here, which affects agriculture. But, now the government has geared up to solve it. Agriculture Commissioner Kanaram said that according to the budget announcement for the year 2022-23, 15,000 farm ponds will be made in the state. This Farm Pond Scheme (Kisan Farm Pond SchemeUnder this scheme, farmers have to build ponds to collect rain water in their fields, so that if needed, that water can be used for agriculture. After the formation of the pond, the farmers will not suffer due to lack of water. For its construction, the state government will provide financial assistance ranging from Rs.63000 to Rs.90,000.

The biggest condition to take advantage of the scheme is that there should be at least 0.3 hectares of cultivable land in the name of the applicant farmer. The government believes that the more ponds built, the more farmers will benefit. There will be no problem of irrigation. Because in the summer season there is a lot of water crisis here. Under the scheme, a separate amount is available for the raw pond and separate for the one with plastic lining.

How much financial help will the state government give?

The raw pond will have to be made so big that 1200 cubic meters of water can be collected in it. The second pond will be made in such a way that rain water can be kept in it for a long time. Farmers of all categories will get 60 percent of the cost (additional grant of 10 percent of the cost will be payable from the state head) or maximum Rs 63000 on raw farm pond. While the Pond with plastic lining work will get help of Rs 90,000. The plastic in it should be 300 micron, as per BIS norms.

Who can take advantage of the farmer

  • Applicant farmers should have at least 0.3 hectares of cultivable land.
  • Those farmers who are cultivating under the lease agreement will also get the benefit of this.
  • The condition for the farmers with the lease agreement is that they have been cultivating that land for at least 7 years.
  • In the case of a joint account holder, on the basis of mutual consent, the co-ledger can take help for making different farm ponds in the same measles only if the share per farmer is more than one hectare.

Where to apply

  • Citizens can apply by visiting Seva Kendra or E-Mitra Kendra.
  • The applicant will fill the original application form in the online e-form.
  • The document will be scanned and uploaded.
  • Affidavit will have to be given on plain paper that how much irrigated and unirrigated land is with the farmer.
  • Aadhar Card, Bhamashah Card, Land Identity Card and Bank Account Number are essential.
  • The applicant has to give a copy of the Jamabandi.
  • The copy of Jamabandi should not be more than six months old.

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