There is a possibility of changing the variant of Lumpy virus, the concern of the Rajasthan government increased

In Rajasthan, now buffaloes are also getting news of suffering from lumpy skin disease. Till now only the news of cows suffering due to this was getting. Meanwhile, State Animal Husbandry Minister Lalchand Kataria quoted experts as saying that lumpy virus There is a possibility of changing the variant, which is very worrying. The government is aware of this. With the rain stopping, there is hope of getting relief from this disease. Veterinary infrastructure is being strengthened to deal with this.

Kataria said that after opening of new veterinary centers and recruitment of veterinary personnel, now more than 500 animal ambulances are being procured in the state. He said that soon permission will be given to buy animal ambulances from the MLA fund. For the prevention of this serious disease, along with adequate supply of medicines, vaccination of cows is being done rapidly.

30 crore for veterinary facility

Responding to the discussion regarding lumpi disease in the assembly, the Animal Husbandry Minister said that along with further improving the efforts being made for the prevention of this disease, all the systems related to it will be strengthened. The government has released an amount of Rs 30 crore for veterinary facilities. The state government is not taking any hesitation to stop this disease.

Cows are getting free vaccination in the state

After the confirmation of lumpi disease in the state, the Animal Husbandry Department issued guidelines on May 12, 2022 and started efforts to prevent the disease and save the cows. Continuous adequate availability of medicines is being ensured at all veterinary centers and the pace of vaccination is being increased continuously. The entire amount of gotpox vaccines is being borne by the state government. The state government is also maintaining constant coordination with the central government.

How many employees are being recruited

Full cooperation is being given from the center in the supply of vaccines. He said that 200 veterinarians have been appointed on Urgent Temporary Basis (UTB) to overcome the shortage of veterinary staff. Similarly, 300 livestock assistants are also being appointed.

Similarly, the recruitment process of 1436 livestock assistants is nearing completion, out of which 730 livestock assistants have been appointed in the field. As soon as the list comes from the selection board, the remaining posts will also be appointed soon. Along with this, the work of document verification has been done by conducting an examination for the recruitment of 900 veterinarians.

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