The Union Agriculture Minister said a big thing on the forum of FICCI regarding the use of fertilizers and pesticides

The central government has started trying to minimize the use of chemicals in agriculture. For this reason, special focus is being given on natural farming and organic farming. This work is being taken forward by creating Natural Farming Boards in many states. But, this has posed a challenge in front of the agro chemical industry. Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) organized the 11th Agrochemicals Conclave at a Delhi hotel. In which Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar told the intention of the government in front of the stalwarts of this industry. He said that the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture (Pesticide UseThe private sector should also engage with the government to reduce

Tomar said that our country is agricultural. Agriculture has a huge contribution in the economy of the country. Profit is very important for the farmers in the agriculture sector. Increase in production is also very necessary. Good work is going on in the country in terms of pulses and oilseeds. It is also necessary that the profits in the agriculture sector should increase and the loss to the farmers should be minimized. For which steps need to be taken. In this regard, the central government is working on several schemes.

India’s position in food grains

The Union Agriculture Minister said that the government wants farmers to use technology to move to expensive crops. To ensure uniformity in the production of crops and quality in their production. Work is being done on this too. Today, Horticulture should be increased even more, so that we can become self-reliant in every respect. Our country is in a very good position in terms of food grains. To compete at the global level, we also have to look towards other developed countries from the point of view of agriculture and move ahead with them.

Need to work together for agricultural development

Tomar said that 10 thousand new FPOs are being formed to take the farmers forward. Due to which the agriculture is benefiting a lot. Will continue to do so. Crop diversification should also be taken care of. He said that Krishi Vigyan Kendras are proving helpful for the farmers. Tomar expected organizations like FICCI to work together for agricultural development. Many people including Union Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilizers Bhagwant Khuba and Chairman of FICCI Crop Protection Committee RG Agarwal were present on this occasion.

FICCI wants 5% GST on pesticides

People associated with the pesticide business had said at a press conference in Delhi on Wednesday that it is a misconception that farmers of India use more pesticides. RG Aggarwal had claimed that we use less pesticides than China. FICCI wants the government to tax 5% GST on pesticides like fertilizers. At present 18 per cent GST is charged on it. Due to which the farmers are upset and they get caught in the trap of fake pesticides in order to save it.

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