The treasure of improving the health of agriculture is hidden inside the soil of Rajasthan, farmers will get a permit to extract it

Under the soil of seven districts of Rajasthan, a treasure to improve the health of agriculture is hidden. Using which farmers can increase both their yield and its quality. This will increase their income. We are talking about Gypsum, which is considered very useful in increasing the production of pulses, oilseeds and wheat. Which has a vast surface reserves in Rajasthan. It not only increases the fertility of the soil but also prevents the soil from becoming a hard layer. Due to which water enters it well. Now the government will issue permits to the farmers of the state, whose land has a layer of gypsum mineral, to remove it. So that land reforms can be done in the state.

These permits will be issued online. The certificate will be issued for a period of one year and its annual fee will be Rs 25,000. Extraction of gypsum up to three meter depth is considered as non-mining activity. Because of this, there is no need to take the approval of the Ministry of Environment to remove it. Gypsum is an excellent source of sulfur for improving plant nutrition and crop yield.

where is the most stock

Additional Chief Secretary, Mines and Public Health, Dr. Subodh Agrawal informed that there are reserves of more than one thousand million tonnes of gypsum in Bikaner, Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Churu and Nagaur districts. Rajasthan has the largest stock of gypsum in the country. It can prove to be very helpful in increasing the yield of pulses, oilseeds and wheat.

Gypsum supplies both calcium and sulfur

Farmers generally use nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in agriculture. But they do not use calcium and sulphur. Due to this there is a deficiency of calcium and sulfur in the field. This deficiency affects the yield and quality. Gypsum makes up for it. The chemical name of gypsum is calcium sulfate. It contains 23.3 percent calcium and 18.5 percent sulphur.

Separate orders will be issued for Sriganganagar and Hanumangarh districts

Aggarwal informed that instructions have been given to start the process of obtaining online permit applications from this month for issuing leases for lifting gypsum layer to the farmers. Separate orders will be issued for issuing gypsum leases in Sriganganagar and Hanumangarh districts. Mines Minister Pramod Jain Bhaya had stressed on the need for simplification of lease and issuance of permits soon in view of excessive use of gypsum in agriculture.

What to do for registration

Agarwal claimed that the state government has made the process of registration of gypsum dealers and e-transport permits transparent this month by easing them. Now for new registration, location map of stock yard with coordinates of measles record, lease or rent agreement of stock yard land, if gypsum is stored in the yard, then its quantity and application fee of Rs. facility is provided. Already registered dealers will not have to deposit the application fee but they will also have to apply online along with the required documents.

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