The time of sowing of Kharif crops is over, there has been a huge reduction in the area of ​​​​paddy and pulses

The Kharif season of the year 2022 is over. paddy sowing The time is completely over. But according to the recently released figures, there has been a decrease of 20 lakh hectares in the area under paddy. It has had the biggest impact in Jharkhand. The situation in Jharkhand is such that most of the farmers have stopped planting paddy after the time of sowing of paddy has passed. Because the farmers say that due to the delay, the production of paddy will not be possible.

If we look at the figures of paddy sowing in Jharkhand, till the first week of September last year, paddy was sown in 1.75 lakh hectares. Whereas according to the figures till September 2 this year, 0.77 million hectare area has been sown. In this regard, there has been a decrease of about 55 percent. In Jharkhand, the state government had set a target of sowing paddy in 18 thousand hectares. Considering the sown in the last five years, the average sown area is 1.54 million hectares. However, paddy was sown on 1.72 million hectares in 2020-21.

There has been a decrease in the area under sowing of paddy in Madhya Pradesh.

Here in Madhya Pradesh also, there has been a huge reduction in the area of ​​Kharif crops. The sown area was less by 0.63 million hectares this year as of December 2, 2022 as compared to last year. Whereas in 2021, paddy was sown in 3.85 million hectares of land. At the same time, there has been a decrease of 0.3 million hectares in oilseeds sowing. However, there has been an increase in the sowing of pulses.

Area of ​​pulses also decreased

According to Down to Earth, pulses were sown in more area in 0.4 million hectares this year than last year in Madhya Pradesh. In general, pulses are sown on 0.43 million hectares in Jharkhand. Last year this was completed by the first week of September, but this year only 0.29 million hectares have been sown under pulses, which is about 70 per cent of the area. After Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal has seen a drastic reduction of 0.44 million hectares in paddy planting. Sowing of paddy has decreased by 0.39 million hectares in Chhattisgarh, 2.61 lakh hectares in Uttar Pradesh and 2.18 lakh hectares in Bihar.

Area increased in some states

At the same time, some states have increased the area under paddy cultivation. Paddy plantations in Telangana have seen an increase of 0.47 million hectares. Haryana has seen an increase of 94,000 hectares, Nagaland 78,000 hectares and Gujarat 55,000 hectares. Apart from paddy, the sowing condition of pulses is also not good. The general area under cultivation of pulses is 14 million hectares. In the first week of September, pulses have been sown in 13.54 lakh hectares last year, which is 12.95 lakh hectares this time.

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