The rain threw water on the hopes of the onion farmers, the onion kept in the store was washed away

The problems of farmers are increasing in Maharashtra this year. Farmers were already upset due to not getting the right price for the produce, now due to the callousness of nature. Farmer are in crisis. Due to the callousness of nature, there is a doubt about the production of Kharif crops. Farmers are worried whether they will get the produce this time or not. On the other hand, farmers are worried due to the falling prices of onions for the past five months. The onions stored by the farmers were submerged in water due to heavy rains.

Narhari Sripati Shinde, a farmer from Ambegaon taluka of Pune district, told that he had stored 450 to 500 bags of onions. Due to the strong flow of rain water, the onions kept in the barracks got washed away and came on the road. About 100 to 150 sacks of onions were washed away. They have suffered a loss of lakhs. Shinde has to say that this year we are facing a lot of financial loss, now the situation has become such that how to do farming, this year nature has tested the farmers a lot.

In the hope of increasing the rates, the onions stored in the water

There has been no improvement in the price of onions for the last six months. So from last summer till Kharif season
The farmers had also stored it. Farmers expected that the prices would rise at least during the rainy season, but the fall in prices has continued. At present, farmers are getting 8 to 10 rupees per kg of onion in many mandis. That’s why the farmers have focused on storage instead of selling. But the rain has ruined everything.

Onion cultivation even in Kharif

Farmers have been disappointed so far due to the summer and last year’s kharif. Despite this, farmers are focusing on onion cultivation in this year’s Kharif season as well. At present, the cultivation of onion of Kharif season is going on in the state. Although prices continue to fall drastically, but emphasis is being laid on the cultivation of onions. Farmers say that when the onion should rise, it cannot be said that it is the second largest cash crop in the state, so farmers are on its cultivation. emphasize. More cultivation is being done in Nashik, Ahmed Nagar, Solapur, Sangli districts of the state.

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