The produce sank as soon as it rained, there is no system to keep the farmers’ produce safe in the market

With the onset of rains, farmers of Maharashtra are engaged in sowing of Kharif crops. But the sudden heavy rain in Amravati district has caused a lot of damage to them. Here the produce of the farmers has got drenched and spoiled. In fact, in the rain on Saturday afternoon, farmers in Amravati Agricultural Produce Committee market (Famer) They had come to sell their produce, but due to rain, the farmers’ produce got submerged in water. Heavy arrivals were arriving in the market since morning. But the produce was wasted before it could be sold. Farmers say that the government is running many schemes to repair the mandis, but so far there is no system here. We brought our produce from home to the market which is not safe here.

After the onset of monsoon, the enthusiasm of the farmers has increased and they are engaged in the cultivation of Kharif crops. For the cost of sowing, farmers are reaching the market with their produce in large numbers. The arrival of gram, soybean and tur has increased in the market. But due to lack of proper arrangements, the farmers struggled for the safety of their crops during the rains. Due to only 15 minutes of rain, there was waterlogging everywhere. Farmers kept their produce inside and outside the mandi. Everything got washed away in the water. Due to this the farmers have suffered a lot.

There is no system to keep the produce safe in the market committee

Huge arrivals of agricultural products reach the market committee of the district. In such a situation, farmers are asking the question of why the committee administration did not have a safe place to keep the produce. For the traders, the committee has godowns for storage, but there is no one to pay attention to the produce of the farmers in the mandi. The produce of all the farmers who reached the market was submerged in water. Due to this, every farmer has suffered a loss of lakhs. Farmer Pawan Thorat had reached the market with his soybean produce. Due to rain, 6 quintals of soybean got wet and got spoiled. The farmer says that now no one will buy this soaked soybean. Everything is ruined. From where will I get money for farming in Kharif? The farmers are demanding from the market committee to compensate for this.

rain will continue

Monsoon has arrived in Vidarbha two days back. The Meteorological Department says that there is a possibility of rain here till June 22. However, on Saturday, it rained in many areas including Amravati city. This rain will prove useful for Kharif crops. After the delay in sowing, now the agricultural work is accelerating. At the same time, the farmers of some parts are still waiting for the rains.

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