The outbreak of a pest is increasing on pomegranate orchards, farmers in trouble after seeing the danger

Pomegranate orchards were flourishing for the past few years on the rocky outskirts of Sangola taluka. Due to its good environment and water supply, the block has taken pomegranate. (Pomegranate) The production of pomegranate has made a distinct identity in the country, but the growing existence of pomegranate orchards is under threat due to pests. The unseasonal rains for the last two years and the increasing incidence of pinhole borer pests have left no option but to destroy the orchard. If trees affected by pinhole borers are not removed, they affect other trees as well. Due to this, more than half the orchard in the block has been cleared. Not only this, it is not possible with the help of laborers and simple machinery, so the latest machine has also been brought to Sangola block. The orchards that have been cultivated for the last 20 years are being destroyed in front of the farmers.

Climate change is affecting pomegranate orchards. While the orchards were in bloom for the last two years, they are now being cut down due to the increasing outbreak of pinhole borers. Pinhole borer is an insect that pierces the stems of pomegranate and dries up the entire plant. First the branch dries up and then gradually the whole plant. Insect attacks are increasing due to climate change. Although guidance is being given to the farmers regarding this from the Department of Agriculture, but so far there is no medicine, so that the orchards can be saved. There has been a sharp decline in the production of pomegranate. The livelihood of the farmers of the district depends on it.

cutting edge machine for garden removal

So far, various measures have been taken for crop protection, but state-of-the-art machinery is reaching to get rid of pomegranate orchards in Sangola block. Now Deepak Chavan of Sangola has brought this cutting machine and he has cut hundreds of acres of orchards in the block and made biocol from it. Now thousands of rupees have to be spent to remove these orchards and now farmers have started cutting the orchards directly with the help of machines. Briquettes are made from these cut trees. These briquettes are used as fuel for industrial boilers.

More demand for pomegranate in European market

Sangola Taluka, also known as California of Maharashtra, was famous throughout the country for its pomegranate. Sangola pomegranates were sold directly to overseas European markets. Pomegranate brought prosperity to the farmers of Sangola and the income of the taluka was increasing manifold due to competition with each other. Pomegranate has special importance from nutritional point of view, but due to the apathy of the Pomegranate Research Council, local administration and public representatives, no proper steps have been taken to protect the orchards. Farmers are disappointed by this.

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