The loss in banana cultivation made the farmer indebted, now turmeric is the savior

Madhya Pradesh is called the heart of the country. In this state one district Burhanpur (Burhanpur) is. Which is recognized worldwide in the cultivation of bananas (Banana) is from. The banana grown here is exported to many countries of the world, but these days a farmer is cultivating turmeric (turmeric) in this area with high banana production.Turmeric Farming) is in discussion. Whose journey to success has attracted everyone’s attention. This story of success in farming is of Mukesh Mahajan, a farmer of village Loni. Banana cultivation had made Mukesh indebted in the past, but without giving up, Mukesh started turmeric cultivation. Now the cultivation of turmeric here remains the savior of Mukesh. That is, Mukesh has written a new story of his success by producing bumpers in turmeric cultivation. Alam is that now Mukesh has become an inspiration for other farmers as well.

Banana cultivation deteriorated due to natural calamity, debt increased from here

Mukesh Mahajan, a resident of village Loni in Burhanpur, had been cultivating bananas for a long time. Telling the story of the debt rising, Mukesh says that he was traditionally coming while cultivating bananas. Under which he had also taken a loan from the cooperative society for farming. Mukesh says that one day the banana cultivation, which was raised with the help of debt, got lost due to natural calamities. In which there was heavy damage to banana cultivation due to storm and from here the debt started climbing. Farmers often suffer losses due to storms, and sometimes due to high and low prices, there is a possibility of damage to the banana crop and irrigation is also required for the banana crop. In such a situation, once due to the failure of the crop, he got debt.

Turmeric cultivation started after seeing the farmers of Maharashtra to repay the loan

Mukesh Mahajan, a resident of village Loni in Burhanpur, says that he decided to do something new to overcome the debt. Under which he decided to cultivate turmeric in view of the farmers of the border Maharashtra. For this, he first understood the specifics of turmeric cultivation from the farmers of Maharashtra and planted turmeric crop in 2 acres. Mukesh tells that when he planted turmeric crop in the field for the first time, other farmers of the area also call it a loss deal. He tells that fellow farmers believed that there could be no turmeric crop in Burhanpur, but they did not give up and showed bumper production in turmeric crop.

Now Mukesh in preparation for cultivation of turmeric in 9 acres, became a source of inspiration for the farmers of the area

Mukesh Mahajan started by planting turmeric in one acre. In view of the production, he had cultivated light in 8 acres last year. Mukesh says that he had planted turmeric crop in 8 acres of field last year, in which he spent 50 thousand rupees in 1 acre, in which he got a net profit of 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh rupees per acre. Mukesh says that 200 quintals of wet turmeric is obtained in 1 acre, which leaves 20 quintals on drying. He told that he is preparing to cultivate turmeric in 9 acres. On the other hand, the farmers of the area are also attracted by seeing the beneficial changes made in agriculture by Mukesh. Another farmer says that he is working on a plan to cultivate turmeric after seeing Mukesh.

25 thousand per hectare subsidy on turmeric cultivation

The Horticulture Department is working to promote the cultivation of turmeric. Horticulture officer of the district R S Tomar said that the Spices Crop Development Scheme has been started to promote spice crops in the area. Under this scheme, grants are also being given to the farmers by the Horticulture Department on different spice crops. He told that if a farmer cultivates turmeric, especially after taking a certificate of turmeric crop, then a grant of Rs 25,000 per hectare is being given to him by the department.