The farmer was forced to drive a tractor on the ready crop of fenugreek, when will there be relief from falling prices?

Farmer (FarmersKeep using it to increase your income. Now their focus is more on vegetables and seasonal crops than on the main crop, but due to natural causes and fluctuation of market rates, farmers have to bear heavy losses. Onions so far (OnionFarmers were upset due to falling prices. Now the fall in the price of fenugreek has forced the farmers to drive tractors on their finished crop. A farmer from Devla taluka of Nashik district had cultivated fenugreek in one and a half acres of land, but frustrated by the steep fall in the price of fenugreek in the market, the farmer destroyed his crop by driving a tractor. He said that the price has fallen so much that if he went to sell in the market, he would not have been able to cover the cost of carrying it away. In such a situation, we thought it appropriate to destroy it.

Narayan Girsi, a farmer from Devla block of Nashik district, had decided to avoid double losses by cultivating fenugreek in one and a half acres. He did this experiment because he was not getting profit from traditional farming. He cultivated vegetables, but the price went up to 8 gundis in the market for just 10 rupees. Seeing the declining rate, the farmer thought that it is better to destroy it in the fields than to take it to the market. This is because a lot of money would have been spent in taking it to the market. In view of this, the farmer destroyed the fenugreek and has now started preparing for the cultivation of another crop in the same field.

What’s in the market picture?

The acreage of vegetables in Devla taluka is increasing day by day, as vegetables get a good price during the monsoon season. The special thing is that the farmers who have the facility of irrigation, they give more emphasis on the cultivation of vegetables. At the same time, farmer Narayan also did and cultivated fenugreek. The price kept falling in the market and 8 Gundi was being sold for only 10 rupees. He said that from plowing to irrigation, they spend so much. After that, to go to the market, you have to pay separately. The cost is increasing, but the fair price is not getting.

Change in cropping pattern is also harmful

Farmers are advised to change cropping pattern to increase production. Although Narayan Girisi says that it has become more difficult for me to change the cropping pattern. It has caused damage. They are now talking of cultivating cotton and moong in the Kharif season.

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