The effect of less rain in Jharkhand, this Kharif season, the production of paddy will decrease by more than 40 percent

This time in Jharkhand, the production of food grains will be affected due to lack of rain. effect of rain production of food But there is every chance of falling. For the first time this year after 2017 production has been estimated to decrease. The production of 18.32 lakh tonnes of food grains has been estimated this year as against 51 lakh tonnes of food grains in 2021. According to the information received, the State Agriculture Department has sent its advance estimate to the Government of India, in which this information has been given.

The Agriculture Department has sent its report to the Central Government on the basis of the cultivation done in the state till August 31. In this report, the crop planted in the field i.e. sowing of crops has been made the basis. The report said that till August 31, paddy was sown in 7.37 lakh hectares of land in the state during the Kharif season. Considering the rainy conditions in the state, the production of 248p kg of paddy per hectare is expected.

There will be a decrease in the production of pulses

In view of the forecast of normal monsoon this time by the Indian Meteorological Department, the Agriculture Department is expected to produce 26.01 lakh tonnes of food grains this year. Whereas last year 51 lakh tonnes of paddy was produced. This time the number of corn will come in the case of paddy bar production. This time around 4.35 lakh tonnes of maize production has been estimated. While talking about pulses, this time two lakh tonnes of Arhar is estimated to be produced. A total of 3.22 lakh tonnes of pulses is estimated to be produced in Kharif.

Good harvest in 2017

In the last Kharif season, there was good rain in the country, after good rains, 53 lakh tonnes of food grains were produced in Jharkhand. If we look at the figures of crop production for the last five years, the highest production of food grains was 57 lakh tonnes in the year 2017. Whereas in 2018 there was a reduction in production and production came down to 33 lakh tonnes. After this, the production of food grains increased in 2019 and it was 41.22 lakh tonnes. Whereas in 2020, 57.64 lakh tonnes of food grains were produced.

Paddy transplanting has been delayed

Due to lack of rain this time in Jharkhand, there has been a severe drought in Palamu division and Santhal. Due to lack of water, farmers have not cultivated paddy this time. However, the farmers who had made preparations for transplanting paddy have transplanted paddy after the rains in the beginning of August.

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