Tamil Nadu government also took a decision on this chemical, Center has also banned – know what is the new rule

by central government herbicide glyphosate The Tamil Nadu government has also taken a big step after banning the sale and use of Stalin government Following the decision of the Centre, Tamil Nadu has also banned the sale and use of herbicide glyphosate. The special thing is that the Tamil Nadu government has taken this decision in view of the health hazards and risks to humans and animals from the use of herbicide glyphosate. In fact, the herbicide glyphosate is most commonly used in soybeans, field corn, pasture and hay. Under the new rules, the use of glyphosate has now been banned in India. It cannot be used by anyone other than Pest Control Operators (PCOs).

At the same time, the Director of Agriculture, Tamil Nadu has directed the Joint Directors of all the districts of the state to issue orders to stop the sale of glyphosate wholesalers and retailers immediately. Apart from this, the Director of Agriculture has ordered to make a correct assessment of the stocked glyphosate in the godown and shop. He has said that after assessing the stock, a direction will be issued to stop the sale. He said that information will also be given in the directive that glyphosate and its derivatives should be sold only to pest control operators. Along with this, every information related to bills and sales reports will have to be presented in front of the Assistant Director every month.

The actual requirement for servicing the tea gardens is much less

In fact, glyphosate has also been used in tea gardens to control weeds for nearly four decades. The United Planters Association of South India (UPASI) had recently said that the plantation sector should be exempted from the new glyphosate use and norms, as it would increase the cost to the tea growers. At the same time, UPASI had earlier informed the Agriculture Ministry that PCOs are available in most of the cities. It also said that the present total number of licensed PCOs in India is far less than the actual requirement to service the tea gardens spread over 5.66 lakh hectares in the country.

Would not use glyphosate except for PCOS

Glyphosate and its formulations are widely registered and are currently used in over 160 countries, including the European Union and the United States. Farmers around the world have been using it for safe and effective weed control for more than 40 years. A notification issued by the Agriculture Ministry on October 25 stated that the use of glyphosate is prohibited and no person shall use glyphosate except for pest control operators (PCOs).

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