Taking 400 quintals of production in one hectare from brinjal cultivation, farmers are increasing their earnings by bumper production

These days the focus of the farmers is on the cultivation of crops that give maximum income. Keeping this in mind, farmers of Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh are cultivating some selected varieties of brinjal. Due to this they are getting bumper production and their earnings are increasing from its sales. Farmers living in the Katri area of ​​the district have started this. These farmers say that brinjal is a very good crop to be grown during the rainy days and these days its demand in the market increases rapidly. The crop sown in April starts reaching the market as soon as the rains arrive. Farmer Sandeep, a resident of Parsola, told that he has been cultivating brinjal for a long time. They find this to be the best profitable crop.

The farmer told that though this crop is sown in January-February in summer and April in rainy days. The crop sown in April is selling fast in the market at this time. The farmer said that he had used the seed of the hybrid variety in the initial phase. About 300 grams of seeds were used in one hectare. At the time of preparing the field, dung manure was put in plenty in the field. After that weeds were removed after 1 plowing of the field. Simultaneously with the second plowing, the paddy was planted. After the third plowing, the seeds were sown on the bunds in the fields.

400 quintal yield in one hectare

He told that he had also used DAP in the field in proper quantity. Water is given from time to time as required. At this time his brinjal crop has started coming. He is also using liquid manure when the brinjal starts flowering. The farmer told that he is also using drip irrigation method. Through this method, it is very easy to reach the manure in liquid form to the plants. They are getting a large amount of yield from brinjal. He is selling brinjals every week in the market, which is making huge profits. The farmer told that brinjal is a crop lasting for about 10 months.

The farmer told that up to 400 quintals of brinjal can be grown in about 1 hectare. To protect the plants from insects, it is very important to spray insecticides from time to time. The farmer told that he also keeps on spraying cow urine and neem solution from time to time. This is a very important and free formula to protect against pests. The farmer told that for the first time harvesting of brinjal has made a profit of about 2 lakhs. A profit of about 10 lakhs is expected in 10 months. The farmer told that if the weather cooperates properly, then this time he will break the old record.

The financial condition of the farmers is improving

Hardoi District Horticulture Officer Suresh Kumar said that brinjal is being cultivated in large quantities in Hardoi. Hardoi’s brinjal is being sent to Delhi and Madhya Pradesh as well as Lucknow, Kanpur and Farrukhabad. It is mostly used in making bharta, dumplings and vegetables. The District Horticulture Officer said that from time to time, the farmers of brinjal are informed about the need for fertilizers, pest control, selection of best seeds and methods of planting brinjal. The aware farmers of the district keep in touch with the Horticulture Department. The financial condition of the farmers is improving with better harvest.

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