Take advantage of the Livestock Kisan Credit Scheme, farmers will get a loan of up to 3 lakhs for animal husbandry

Animal Husbandry Farmers Income (Farmers Income) is a better option. animal husbandry (Animal Husbandry) also benefit the farmers in agricultural work because it also gives them manure for the field. Pashudhan Kisan Credit Card scheme is being run in Haryana to double the income of farmers through animal husbandry. Livestock Kisan Credit Card (Pashudhan Kisan Credit CardUnder this scheme, farmers are given loan facility up to Rs 3 lakh for animal husbandry. Farmers can do cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, pig and poultry by taking loan under this scheme. This scheme can prove to be very beneficial for small and marginal farmers as it helps them to

Rohtak Deputy Commissioner Captain Manoj Kumar appealed to the farmers of the district and said that all farmers should take advantage of Pashudhan Kisan Credit Card Scheme. The Deputy Commissioner said that through the Pashudhavan Kisan Credit Card, the expenses incurred in the care of animals can be taken as a loan. Not only this, any farmer can take loan up to one lakh 60 thousand rupees without pledging the land without giving any kind of guarantee. But in order to make a credit card of more than this fixed amount, it is mandatory for the farmer to submit the documents of his land.

This is the rate of interest

Farmers get loan at very low interest rate on Livestock Kisan Credit Card. The credit card holder will have to pay interest at the rate of seven percent per annum. After taking the loan, if the farmers pay it on time, then the card holder will be given a subsidy of three percent on interest from the central government. In this way, instead of 7 percent interest, the cardholder will have to pay only four percent interest. Deputy Commissioner Manoj Kumar said that farmers will get a grant of three percent by the Center on the maximum loan amount of three lakhs. The advantage of Kisan Credit is that the cardholder can withdraw the amount according to his need as well as deposit it according to his convenience. To zero the loan amount once in a year, the cardholder has to deposit the entire loan amount in the bank for one day at least one day in a year.

In this way you can withdraw money

It is very important for the Kisan Credit Card holder to keep this in mind. If the cardholder does not deposit the loan amount during the period of one year, then he will have to pay interest at the rate of 12 percent. Credit card holder can withdraw money using any ATM. Farmers can withdraw money according to their limit. Farmers who want to take advantage of this scheme can apply by visiting their nearest state veterinary hospital or bank.

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