Success Story: Jharkhand woman chose farming and became a millionaire farmer

In Jharkhand, now women from rural areas are coming forward in the field of agriculture. Writing a new success story. Some such women farmers (Women Farmer) who did not give up even in adverse circumstances and achieved their position through agriculture. He strengthened the financial condition of his seven as well as the family. One such woman farmer is Rupali Mandi, who hails from Rawatara village of Jhalbhumgarh block of West Singhbhum district. Rupali’s husband used to work as a daily wage laborer living in Bangalore, but better agriculture by Rupali (Agriculture) If work has benefited, then her husband has also come to Vabas and started farming together.

This change in Rupali’s life has come during the Corona period. Because when her husband had returned during the Corona period, both of their fathers were not employed at that time. After this, Rupali started the Johar project in her village (JOHAR Project) and decided to cultivate in her 40 decimils of land. Where she started cultivating traditional crops and vegetables.

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But it did not make much profit, so Rupali decided that instead of doing traditional farming, she would like to do high value crops (High Value Agriculture) and will cultivate vegetables. After this he started doing multi-cropping on 110 decimals of land. He got more financial benefits from this farming. In doing this work, he got the support of the ongoing Johar Project under the state-run JSLPS. Today Rupali and her husband are recognized as a progressive farmer in the area.

The benefit of guidance received in farming

Rupali got financial assistance of Rs 62 thousand through Johar project. With the help of this, he did farming with full hard work. Along with this, the work was done by fully adopting the technical information given by the experts. Due to this he got a profit of 13 thousand rupees. At present, three more women work as a team with Rupali. This time he had cultivated in 70 decimals, in which he cultivated peas, capsicum, hot peppers and carrots. Apart from this, he has cultivated other vegetables in the remaining 80 decimils of land.

Became a millionaire farmer, an example for women

Rupali told that by selling these vegetables she has earned Rs.3 lakh 56 thousand. In this way she has now become a millionaire farmer. Now Rupali says that she never thought that she would be able to reach here through agriculture. Today many people come to see his fields and take his inspiration and try to learn. In this way she has become an example for rural women.

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