Storage wheat started coming in the mandis! The arrival in the month of August-September broke the record of 12 years

Kharif season is at its peak. Under which harvesting of early varieties of paddy has started these days. So the new crop of paddy has also started reaching the mandis. Meanwhile, the arrival of wheat in the mandis has also intensified. in mandis wheat arrival The situation of intensification has been that the arrival of wheat in August and September has broken the record of the last 12 years. The arrival of wheat in the mandis last month has been the highest since 2010. It seems that the crisis deepened on the wheat crisis is coming to an end. So at the same time it is also being seen as a sign of the end of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. It is believed that due to the war, the stored wheat has started arriving in the mandis before the start of the new Rabi season.

Due to this increase in the arrival of wheat, the prices of wheat have also stabilized. In the past, the prices of wheat were running more than the MSP. Under which wheat was being sold up to Rs 2500 a quintal. But, after the arrival of the last months, the price of wheat is back at MSP.

57% jump from last year

According to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture, 2.27 million tonnes of wheat has arrived in the government godowns in the months of August and September this year. Which is 57 percent more than the same months last year. In the same months last year, the arrival of wheat in the mandis was 1.44 metric tonnes. At the same time, the arrival of wheat in the months of August and September is the highest after 2010. In the same months of the year 2010, 4.38 metric tonnes of wheat had arrived in the mandis.

Wheat stocks fell to their lowest in 14 years

There has been a bumper arrival of wheat in the mandis of the country when the country was facing severe wheat crisis in the past. For example, the country’s wheat stock was recorded at its lowest in 14 years in July. After this there was speculation that the government could get wheat imported to end the wheat crisis. However, the government immediately rejected these speculations and accepted that the storage of wheat is less. At the same time, the Food Corporation of India had said that there is enough wheat to meet the domestic needs of the country.

Wheat mathematics was disturbed due to war

India is the major wheat producing country of the world. For example, India supplies wheat to many countries of the world. But, this year, India’s wheat math went awry because of Russia and Ukraine. In fact, due to the war, India had exported wheat to many countries from the last of February to the middle of May. So there the prices of wheat reached a new high. But, even after this, the demand for Indian wheat remained at the international level. Because of this many traders bought wheat directly from the farmers. But, due to this, the government procurement of wheat was badly affected.

Due to the international demand for Indian wheat, the prices of wheat in the country also started increasing. To curb this, the central government banned the export of wheat on 13 May. So in the last months, other wheat products including flour were also banned. Meanwhile, wheat from Ukraine has also started reaching other countries. Due to this the prices of wheat have come down at the international level. So the Rabi season has also started in the country. In such a situation, the increase in the arrival of wheat is being seen as the arrival of storage wheat in the market.

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