Soybean quality affected due to unseasonal rains, farmers suffered losses

The problem of soybean producers in Maharashtra is not taking its name. Due to excessive rains at the beginning of the season, the soybean crop was damaged, then ready in unseasonal rains Soybean The farmers had to suffer due to the destruction of the crop. At the same time, due to the wetness of soybean crop in the rains, it has affected the quality of soybean. Because of this, farmers are forced to sell in the markets at very low prices.

Soybean growers in the state have to face economic crisis at this time. The farmers who had cut the soybean crop in their fields, due to the return rain, that soybean also got spoiled. Soybean prices decreased due to moisture in soybean grains. Soybean which got spoiled due to rain is being sold from 2500 thousand to 3 thousand rupees per quintal.

What is the rate of good quality soyabean

Akola district is getting good quality soyabean at a price of around Rs 5,500 per quintal. The arrival of soybean has increased in APMC. According to the information, soybean is getting good prices in the APMC of Akola and Murtijapur. But most of the farmers in the district have suffered huge losses due to the soybean getting spoiled in the rain. is being bought.

Bad situation in many areas

Due to the return rains in the state, soybean crop has been damaged in many areas. This year soybean has been sown in 2 lakh 29 thousand 182 hectare area across the district. Soybean has been damaged in many hectares of this area due to the rains in the month of October. When soyabean came for sale in many market committees of the district, at that time the price of soyabean had gone up to Rs 6,000 a quintal. After that, now again the prices of soyabean have come down.

Farmers say that it is also difficult to meet their production expenses. In the last few days, the arrival of soybean in APMC has been very good. But still a large number of farmers have not been able to sell soybeans. Farmers are hopeful that this year they will definitely get good prices for soyabean in the coming time.

How much rate is being received in which mandis

On November 13, 2153 quintals of soyabean arrived in the market of Lasalgaon. Whose minimum price was Rs.3000 per quintal. The maximum price was Rs 3100 per quintal. The average price was Rs.3500 per quintal.

200 quintals of soyabean arrived in Ahmed Mandi. Where the minimum price was Rs.3800 per quintal. The maximum price was Rs 4000 per quintal. The average price was Rs 3000 per quintal.

Only 1 quintal soybean arrived in Umranga market. Where the minimum price was Rs 2160 per quintal. The maximum price was Rs 2160 per quintal. The average price was Rs 2160 per quintal.

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