Shahi Litchi: Not only is Muzaffarpur the capital of royal litchi, it rules in these states too

Litchi is called the queen of fruits. Meaning, after mango, only litchi has the kingdom in fruits. Or rather say that the power of fruits is with mango, but the queen of this sultanate is litchi. In fact, litchi is known as the most juicy fruit. In this, if Shahi Litchi (best variety of Litchi) is in front, then only the fortunes of the eaters are opened. This Shahi Litchi ,Shahi Litchi) Capital of Bihar’s Muzaffarpur (Muzaffarpur), but there are other states in the country where this royal litchi is produced in large numbers. Let us know that apart from Muzaffarpur, which are the states where royal litchi is grown. Also why the royal litchi of Muzaffarpur is special.

This is why Muzaffarpur is called the capital of royal litchi.

First of all, let’s start from here why Muzaffarpur is called the capital of Shahi Litchi. In fact, litchi is produced in abundance in Muzaffarpur. According to SK Singh, Principal Scientist of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University Pusa Samastipur and well-known fruit expert of the country, about 80 percent of the different varieties grown in Muzaffarpur is from Shahi Litchi. Because of this, Muzaffarpur is called the capital of Shahi Litchi.

What is special in Muzaffarpur’s Shahi Litchi

Whenever the name of Muzaffarpur appears in any part of the country, the name of Shahi Litchi comes up unintentionally. The special reason for this is the taste of litchi produced here. Alam is that if you compare the taste of royal litchi growing in the soil of Muzaffarpur with that of the adjoining district too, then a big difference is clearly visible in the taste and aroma of both.

Shahi litchi is known by this name in these states

Along with Muzaffarpur in Bihar, a large number of Shahi Litchi are grown in the lowlands of Jharkhand, western Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. In Uttarakhand it is known as “Shahi” and in western Uttar Pradesh it is known as “Muzaffarpur”. It is an early variety ripening during second week of May to first week of June at various places. It is ready by 12-15 May in Jharkhand, 20 to 25 May in North Bihar and by the end of May in the Terai region of Uttaranchal. That is, whatever litchi is seen in the market right now is the litchi of Jharkhand which will get good taste.

tree shape

The litchi tree of the royal species is about 7.5 meters in height and 8.0 meters spread all around. Its one tree gives 90 to 100 kg yield. The fruits of Shahi Litchi are of medium to large size. The weight of one fruit is about 20.5 grams. The shape of the fruit varies from round to heart-shaped, which when ripe appears pink with red.