Seeing the higher price received last year, farmers had increased the area of ​​green peas, now they are forced to sell at half the price.

Farmers of Bundelkhand (Farmers) Maybe God is angry. The crops were ruined and destroyed due to the first season, and when the crop is right, its price is not available in the market and there is no one to buy it. The farmer is forced to sell his produce at throwaway prices. In such a situation, farmers are finding it difficult to get money for seeds and fertilizers. Let’s start with Hamirpur, the smallest district of Bundelkhand. Rabi crop was sown here in 282080 hectares, in which out of the target set by the Agriculture Department, 11722 hectares, the farmers here produced peas in 33412 hectares. In this, 25 percent white and 75 percent green peas were produced.

Last year the price of green peas was Rs 8000 to 9000 quintal. In view of this, farmers cultivated peas in abundance and got tremendous production. But today the price of green peas has gone up to just Rs 3200 to Rs 3400 per quintal. Now the farmers are not able to meet the cost and forcing the farmers are struggling to keep their peas safe or are paying off their debt by selling them at throwaway prices.

Why the record breaking production of green peas?

According to farmer Rinku, the price of green peas was Rs 7000 to 8 000 per quintal in 2021. The farmers who had sown green peas at that time got a good profit. Seeing last year’s price, farmers had sown three times more peas this year. They also got the support of the weather and there was a huge increase in production. Due to more arrivals in the market, its prices suddenly fell and farmers started finding it difficult to meet the cost.

Farmer leader Niranjan Singh Rajput told that the farmers had bought green pea seeds at the rate of 11 thousand rupees per quintal. Fertilizer and water were also applied from above, but when they reached the market with them, initially the price of peas opened at 5500 and today it has come down to Rs 3400. In such a situation, the farmers are not able to meet the cost, the farmers who had sown peas by taking loans, or who have to marry their daughters, are now forced to sell peas at the price.

There are no buyers of green peas

According to Dr. Hari Shankar, Deputy Director of Agriculture, farmers should choose the crops very carefully before sowing and sow the crop after taking information from the department. To get more profit, farmers also sow those crops, which are used less. As farmers have done this year. Here farmers have produced more green peas. This pea is used only as a vegetable. Its pulse is also not made. Last year its prices were good in the market, but this year it is less. In such a situation, the farmers are suffering. On the other hand, if farmers used to produce white peas, then their seeds are also cheap and today its rate is around 4500.