Scientists have issued advice to farmers in Jharkhand regarding paddy cultivation, read how to protect against disease

Jharkhand has received less rain this time. Although the weather has taken a turn in early August and it is raining. Farmer Farming once. In view of the weather, scientists have issued an advisory. According to this, it has been said that there will be good rain in Jharkhand in the next two days, so the farmer brothers who have not planted yet, should do a bunding to store water in the field. So that water can be stored in the field and farmers can transplant paddy.

The farmers said that the farmers who have not cultivated the above land, they can cultivate Kulthi, Surguja or different vegetables on the upper land. Farmers should take care that they use good quality seeds and fertilizers. On the vacant land, the farmer should cultivate mid or short duration corn variety which matures within 80-90 days. Farmers should sow it by making a ridge.

Those farmers who have transplanted or are transplanting paddy, after 20-25 days, apply urea at the rate of 20 kg per acre, before planting, the farmers should clean the weeds from the field. In the absence of sufficient rain, this time the farmer has not planted in the middle land. Apart from this, farmers whose fields are not ready for transplanting paddy can transplant paddy after the rains. Apart from this, the farmers whose separation has exceeded 30 days. Before transplanting those farmers, cut the upper part up to 10 cm and keep the seeds immersed in the fertilizer solution overnight.

To make the solution, farmers put two grams of DAP, two grams of murite of potash in one liter of water. Apart from this, farmers have planted paddy on deep land, they should take proper care of the crop. Because in such weather, scorching disease occurs in paddy crops. In which a boat-shaped brown spot is formed on the leaves and the part of the seed becomes ashes. If symptoms of this disease are visible in the crop, then spray the fungicide Bean on the crop at the rate of 3 grams per five liters of water. Spray it after seeing clear weather. Apart from this, to save the crop from the attack of stem borer insect, spray insecticidal drug Imidacloprid or Oxydimetone at the rate of one ml per liter of water in view of clear weather.

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