Request to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Nafed became the buyer of additional two lakh tonnes of onion in the state

Due to the increase in onion export duty, the rate of onion has come down in the state, which has created a big crisis for the farmers. Taking cognizance of this, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde wrote a letter to Union Food and Civil Supplies Minister Piyush Goyal through Nafed. Onion solicited to purchase. Nafed has already procured 2 lakh 38 tonnes of onions. Now the Chief Minister has demanded that it should be increased by two lakh tonnes. Anup Kumar, Chief Secretary, Government and Marketing Department, Government of Maharashtra has discussed this with the Secretary of the Central Food and Civil Supplies Department through video conferencing.

For the first five months in Maharashtra, farmers are forced to sell onions at low prices. In such a situation, some farmers have stored onions. But, there are many farmers who do not have the facility to store them. That’s why they are selling onions under compulsion after incurring losses at low rates. Farmers are constantly pleading for help from the state and central government.

The letter mentions the problems of farmers

It has been said in the letter sent by Chief Minister Shinde. Onion growers are facing financial difficulties due to the fall in onion prices. Therefore, through NAFED, another 2 lakh tonnes of onion should be procured through National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited. Onion is the main crop of farmers in Maharashtra. And 35 to 40 percent of the total production of the country is produced in Maharashtra itself.

Onion production has increased

Onion production has increased to 136.70 lakh tonnes due to good rains this year. This production has increased by 2 million tonnes compared to last year, due to which the market price has come down significantly. Due to this there is an atmosphere of despair and uneasiness among the onion growers. Onion is exported in large quantities from Sri Lanka, but due to the economic crisis there, this export is also facing problems. In such a situation, the difficulties of the farmers are increasing.

Assurance of onion purchase through Nafed

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde further wrote in his letter that due to the ever-changing situation in the international market, it is not possible for our farmers to get good prices from exports. Deputy Chief Secretary Anoop Kumar discussed with the Secretary of the Union Food and Civil Supplies Department through video conferencing. Demand has been made for onion procurement in this discussion, since the onion storage and distribution system is not strong at this time, so the secretary has informed that he will have to think about it. Still, Anoop Kumar has expressed confidence that onions will be procured through NAFED.

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