Record increase in banana prices, due to fall in production, rates may increase even more

A record increase is being seen in the prices of bananas. This has given some relief to the farmers. They are to some extent making up for the fall in production due to rising prices. But only a few farmers are benefiting from this. Pre-monsoon rain a few days back (Monsoon Rain) The reason for this was massive damage to the banana orchards in Jalgaon. In Hingoli district of Maharashtra, orchards were destroyed due to strong storm and rain, due to which there is a huge decline in the production of bananas. At the same time, now farmers are getting a record rate of bananas, the way it was shown in the case of cotton, now the same bananas (Banana)is happening in the case of.

Due to decrease in arrivals, the price may increase further. Jalgaon district and Raver block, which are considered to be the stronghold of banana, are ahead in terms of banana production. The banana which was Rs 300 to 400 a quintal at the beginning of the season has now increased to Rs 1,800. Despite the high demand in the market, there is a shortfall in supply. This year there has been a decrease in banana production due to the uncertainty of nature. Banana orchards were destroyed due to rain in Vidarbha including Marathwada.

Farmers getting record rate

Banana prices are increasing day by day. At the beginning of the season, there were many differences between the traders and the farmers regarding the rates, but now the picture has changed. The price of Rs 1,670 per quintal was on June 15 in the Ravar Bazar committee of the district. On June 14, Thane got the highest price of up to Rs 4000 per quintal and the maximum rate was more than Rs 4500. Apart from this, the price is Rs 1500 per quintal in Solapur and Rs 2200 per quintal in Pune. Farmers are not happy despite the sharp rise in prices. They say that when there is no production, how will they get the benefit of rising prices, the farmers who already have bananas left, they can get some profit.

Banana is a perennial fruit which is available in the market all the time. Farmers say that at the beginning of the season, traders started arbitrarily by giving low rates. Banana growers say that the price of bananas had to be fixed like grapes. The traders had stopped the farmers at various places, but now the situation has changed. Traders are going directly to farmers’ fields to buy bananas.

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