Railway workers living in Odisha, farmers made in Kerala, do organic farming in two and a half acres

Agriculture is a good option of employment. This is the reason why people are adopting it. Along with this, there are also fond of it, which are farming (Agriculture) as a hobby, do good work. One such farmer is Harihar Manjhi. Harinash hails from Kendujhar district of Odisha. He had a lot of passion for farming from the very beginning. However, he had come to Kerala about two decades ago in connection with a job in the Railways. After coming here, he cultivates 2.5 acres of land. On this land he cultivates paddy and vegetables.vegetable farming) We do. Wherever Harinath lived, there was farming in the backyard of his house.Backyard Farming) did. Due to this, the people of his neighborhood were also amazed to see the fresh vegetables.

Harinath cultivation started nine years ago. When he used to work as a station master at Kanjeevaram, about 25 km from Kochi. Such was his passion for farming that there he converted the vacant land from his house into a garden and started cultivating it. At that time, seeing the quality of his vegetables and his dedication to farming, one of his neighbors voluntarily arranged a large amount of land for Seti. This time Harinath started farming in 2.50 acres of land.

Seeing his dedication and hard work towards farming, the neighbor gave the land

After getting the land, he started organic farming on this land and started growing vegetables there. Not only this, he also had customers to buy his product, which he used to home delivery at a lower price than the market. According to The Hindu, Harinath tells that he comes from a family of farmers and hence farming has been a part of his life since childhood. Along with this said that he wanted to do his work for the good health of the people. 47-year-old Harinath currently serves as the Chief Inquiry and Reservation Supervisor with the Railways.

95% are organic products

Due to farming, Harinath Ho had to stay away from his family for 15 years. Due to this he decided to go to Kerala in 2015. Now he is very excited to be with his wife and children. In his 2.5 acres of land, Harinath sows paddy twice and produces 20 quintals of paddy. While the rest cultivate vegetables on the land. While they claim that 95% of their produce is organic, they use pesticides and fertilizers in a restricted manner.

cow rearing plan

Harinath does his work in the fields every morning before going to duty and in the evening. He sells most of his organic products to his regular customers. After this, the remaining products are sold to the vegetable vendors of the city. Harinath has now started experimenting with dairy farming by selling five to six liters of milk to a local dairy society. While his plan is to take care of milch animals.

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