Purchase on MSP completely done online in Rajasthan, farmers will get timely payment

Rajasthan State Cooperative Marketing Federation (Rajfed) has claimed that Minimum Support Price (MSP) the entire process of procurement has been made online. Not only this, biometric system has been adopted for transparency in procurement, so that procurement from genuine farmer can be ensured. With this system, farmers are getting the payment of their produce easily. The state government has increased the number of procurement centers so that farmers can sell their crops at the nearest place. Along with this, now the registration of farmers of the concerned tehsil has started in the same tehsil. Earlier the number of procurement centers was 250, now they have been increased to more than 650.

Jagdish, a farmer who sells his produce through the biometric system, says that earlier the number used to come in the second tehsil to sell the crop. He had to leave two days before. Now the number is coming in own tehsil to sell the crop. Now go in the morning and come back home in the evening. Earlier the payment of the produce was available after one and a half months. In such a situation, due to lack of money, there was a problem in growing the next crop. Now the money comes on the third day of selling the goods.

What is the process of selling produce

  • Farmers have to first register online to sell their produce at MSP.
  • By taking the copy of Aadhar Card, Jan Aadhar Card, Girdawari P-35, Bank Account Details, the farmer can get the registration done at the nearest Purchase Center or E-Mitra Center.
  • Biometric verification of farmer is done through Aadhaar.
  • On registration, information about the quantity of agricultural commodities and the date of weighing of the produce is received through SMS on the registered mobile of the farmer.
  • The farmer goes to the procurement center on the scheduled date and gets the agricultural commodity weighed by showing his original documents.
  • After this, through biometric verification, the bill is generated and the farmer gets it and the payment of the produce is deposited online in his bank account.

Benefits of e-receipt service

The state government has implemented the system of warehouse e-receipt service for the farmers. Earlier, where it used to take about a month for the farmers’ produce to be deposited in the warehouse and payment to the farmers on the deposit of warehouse receipt, now this work is completed in just three days. With the introduction of warehouse e-receipt service, as soon as the produce of the farmer is deposited in the warehouse, the warehouse receipt is generated and reaches NAFED through Rajfed. Due to this, the work of depositing the produce to the release of funds from NAFED is completed in just three days.

Funds for timely payment

Cooperative Minister Udayalal Anjana says that the process of purchase and registration of pulses and oilseeds from farmers on MSP has been made completely online. Biometric verification has been ensured to give benefit to the genuine farmer. In order to bridge the gap between NAFED’s payment coming and giving it to the farmer, the Rajasthan government has arranged a revolving fund of 1000 crores so that timely payment can be made to the farmer.

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